A Total War Saga: TROY – Rhesus and Memnon Content Overview

A Total War Saga: TROY - Rhesus and Memnon Content Overview
Filip Galekovic

By: Filip Galekovic

3 December 2021

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creative assembly might be focusing the majority of their growth brunt into huge, sprawling projects such as entire War : Warhammer III, but they have n’t forgotten about their smaller offerings, either. A full War SAGA : troy, for case, is getting a badass new expansion tamp down. today, we ‘ll explain what makes Rhesus and Memnon content so exciting, and why it ‘s probably something you should be looking into, besides .
namely, the Rhesus & Memnon DLC is slated to launch on December 14th, making it the most relevant major expansion pack for Creative Assembly ‘s Total War Saga : troy. The good news, then, is that we know a lot about the expansion compact. What we do n’t know, however, is whether it ‘s the final DLC for TROY .
Being one of the crown jewels of SEGA, the developer of Total War games – creative Assembly – has had a stellar track record with long-term post-launch game support. even if Rhesus and Memnon Content is the concluding patch of the puzzle, there ‘s much to love from what we ‘ve already seen .

Rhesus and Memnon Content Overview

obviously, subject is the most crucial partially of the equality here. Sitting pretty with a price point of £7.99 by nonpayment, Rhesus & Memnon promises to add two all-new armies to the mix. As per the official sources, we already have a solid mind of what ‘s in this DLC. namely, we ‘ve seen some gameplay in carry through, and we know precisely which units and features we ‘ll be getting, excessively .
As you ‘d expect, the focus lies squarely on the two new heroes/army leaders. Rhesus and Memnon will, respectively, field Egyptian warriors and Thracian highlanders. This should fill up a few leftover niches and provide imaginative players with new ways to subvert the meta in the long run .
here ‘s all the contented you get by buying the expansion battalion :

    • Rhesus, the Thracian King, and his army
    • Memnon, King of Aethiopia, and his army
  • Various thematically appropriate new gameplay mechanics related to the two new armies
  • 49 entirely new units spread across the two new armies
  • Several new factions
  • Several new culture-specific building options
  • A number of quality-of-life features

overall, a reasonably leading deal for players looking to spice up their total War : troy know in the long run. If you ‘d like to learn more, however, we ‘ve got the details in the follow section .

Rhesus, The Thracian King Armies & Features

Rhesus and Memnon Content: TROY DLC 3 Banner 1
Featuring the mighty Tribes of Thrace, Rhesus aims to sow discord behind enemy lines by unleashing waves of evil berserkers upon their emplacements. Players that enjoy blitzkrieg combat will love Rhesus, as his troops make good practice of brawny chariot units and rapid assault infantry .
Rhesus ‘ unique Countless Host ability will besides come in handy when you need fast reinforcements. He can unite the war thracian tribe against a common foe and promptly assemble a mighty army if need be. Thracian Rituals, on the other hand, will allow Rhesus to enact rituals in the name of previous thracian gods. These rituals will, in turn, have substantial effects both in and out of fight. passive buffs, settlement bonuses, and elect units are barely the beginning of it .
here ‘s the full roll of units available to Rhesus :

  • Plainsmen
  • Woodsmen
  • Mountaineers
  • War Chanters
  • Thracian Spearmen
  • Worshippers of Pan
  • Thracian Guards
  • Androphones
  • Dasophylakes
  • Warriors of Pangaion
  • Devoted to Zalmoxis
  • Forest Skirmishers
  • Thracian Hunters
  • Forest Ambushers
  • Thracian Bowmen
  • Thracian Archers
  • Light Chariots*
  • Thracian Chariots*
  • Mares of Diomedes*
  • Thracian Archer Chariots*
  • Thorns of Thrace*

The units marked with * are Rhesus ‘ most adequate to troops. These chariots will cursorily and efficiently dispose of about any confrontation, equally farseeing as you can reach the point where fielding them becomes a feasible option ! In a pinch, though, Host Armies are bound to come in handy for Rhesus .

Memnon, King of Aethiopia Armies & Features

Rhesus and Memnon Content: TROY DLC 3 Banner 2
In more ways than one, Memnon is diametrically opposed to Rhesus. The end finish, however, remains the like : a total end of the foe in every human body and imprint .
Memnon ‘s Horde ability, for one, allows his military dispatch to peruse War Spoils on the go for buffs and condition updates. To offset this obvious blessing, however, Memnon can not inhabit settlements. Since his Pharaoh’s Servant ability allows him to leverage determine to practically club specialist troops from Egypt, this should n’t be besides large of an publish. By investing in Royal Decrees, Memnon players may unlock access to units from Aethiopia, Egypt, Susa, and Canaan, depending on their preference and need .
here ‘s the entire roll of units available to Memnon :

  • Aethiopian Tribesmen
  • Aethiopian Spearmen
  • Nefru Infantry
  • Philistine Swordsmen
  • Hupshu
  • Manfyt Infantry
  • Chariot Runners
  • Irtjet Staff Bearers
  • Henkhu Guards
  • Nakhtu-aa Infantry
  • Medjai Warriors
  • Sherden Warriors
  • Egyptian Slingers
  • Aethiopian Hunters
  • Aethiopian Javelinmen
  • Maryannu
  • Aethiopian Archers
  • Elamite Stoneslingers
  • Archers of Wawat
  • Egyptian Archers
  • Light Seneny Chariots
  • Seneny Chariots

As per his resourceful Strategist ability, Memnon might not have immediate access to any of the special war effort units ( i.e. Spy, Envoy, Priestess Agent ), but the word of his military might manifests in different ways. Memnon will attract unique Camp Followers to provide assorted passive buffs and/or particular pre-battle functionality along the direction .
This means that Memnon plays similarly to some other existing TROY warlords, though with a more deliberate lean .

Free New Content for Total War: TROY

Though all of the above is paid content, that ‘s not to say that service line players wo n’t be getting any goodies for unblock. As is custom for Creative Assembly ‘s titles, the free of the Rhesus and Memnon contentedness battalion will besides see the insertion of six major new gameplay features to the base game. At no extra charge !
These are purpose-built to vastly improve the players’ strategic outlook, equally well as to make territory administration easier and simple in the retentive ladder .
Island Trading, for model, will allow respective existing Factions to trade their regional claim to early Factions who might not have a local anesthetic settlement .
Balance Deal will let players optimize the political and trade deals they make by requesting an automatic pistol Single Barter offer from the AI they ‘re in talks with .
Instant Construction should be a huge boon to specially full-bodied players – it ‘s going to let you finish queued buildings instantaneously if you pay a significant sum of Gold .
Settlement Abandonment is precisely what it says on the can : you will immediately have the opportunity to outright leave an existing colonization, which will, in turn, recoup some of its build costs and leave a ruin behind .
The option to Embed Informant is a morsel different, in that it will let you complete a special diplomatic action, which will reveal all of a given Faction ‘s bodily process for a set number of turns. At the price of amber, naturally .
ultimately, there ‘s the ability to Auto-Resolve Predictions, which will display all suffer casualties before the conflict is resolved. This should give players a better sense of what ‘s happening during clashes, vitamin a well as to allow for better battle plan sequences .
All of the above – and more – is coming out on December 14th, aboard the Rhesus & Memnon DLC for Total War : troy .

A Total War Saga: TROY Ultimate Edition Features & Content

ultimately, there ‘s the matter of Total War Saga: TROY – Ultimate Edition. This is the reason why – we think – the support window for TROY might be nearing its goal. Starting today, you have the opportunity to purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game featuring all its expansion packs at once .
specifically, if you purchase TROY – Ultimate Edition, you ‘re getting all of the pursue :
That ‘s mighty – even the approaching Rhesus & Memnon DLC is going to be featured as part of this pack .
now, what ‘s particularly pertinent here ( if you ‘re reading this during the crippled ‘s establish period ) is that you can get all of the above at a whopping 40% off until January 5th, 2022. All you need to do is to make your purchase before the time is up, and you ‘re practically making sure that you never run out of things to do in TROY .
The sheer amount of content on display here is astonishing, truth be told, and if you ‘re kind of disgusted and bore of mainline Total War entries, we had previously discussed what makes TROY a substantially different beast .
so, will you be getting the Rhesus and Memnon content drop ? If you ‘re on the fence, there’s going to be no better time to splurge on this game, from what we can tell. so, that alone makes it an easy recommendation !

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