Blade & Soul Blade Dancer Lasted Popular Build Guides –

Blade & Soul Blade Dancer Lasted Popular Build Guides

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The Blade Dancer can choose to use either a Lightning construct or a Wind human body. This article will share the lasted popular build guides on Lightning and Wind, some PvP and PvE basic build guides for you. meanwhile, do n’t forget that U4GM is a master web site sell blade and soul gold.

Blade & Soul Blade Dancer Build Guides

Blade & Soul Blade Dancer – PvP Basic Guides
depart 1 – blade Dancer Beginner ‘s PvP Guide – Skills, Combos and Tips
part 2 – arena PvP ( Lyn Blade Dancer ) Vs All classes
separate 3 – Lvl 50 PvP Lyn Blade Dancer – Win/Lose
depart 4 – blade Dancer PvP Combos
guidebook 1 ) – crucial Blade Dancer Combos – PvP NA
guidebook 2 ) – reliable Blade Dancer Combos – PvP NA

Blade & Soul Blade Dancer – Lightning and Wind Build Guides
partially 1 – blade Dancer PvE Build Guides
guide 1 ) – sword Dancer PvE Basic Build
guide 2 ) – blade Dancer Guide ( DPS Rotation, I-Frames and Tips )
guide 3 ) – sword Dancer PvE Skill Build Guide HM10
usher 4 ) – blade Dancer PvE Rotation
scout 5 ) – PvE Full Guide for Blade Dancer EU/NA
part 2 – blade Dancer Wind and Lightning Skill Rotations
part 3 – blade Master Lightning Build Overview Skills and Rotations
depart 4 – blade Dancer Wind Build Rotation

Blade & Soul Blade Dancer – PvP Basic Guides

The follow is an in-depth scout for Lyn Blade Dancer in PvP, watch the television below cautiously and I believe you will get inspiration from it .

region 1 – blade Dancer Beginner ‘s PvP Guide – Skills, Combos and Tips

Created by ZiggyD Gaming, in this Blade & Soul founder ‘s guide he covers skills, combos, skill item builds and other tips for novice ‘s to PvP in the Blade Dancer class .

You ‘ll learn the necessity skills and mechanics to survive your enemy ‘s attacks and some herculean combos to destroy your opponents. This is by no means everything you ‘ll want to learn about the Blade Dancer, but it ‘ll get you off to a actually solid start and give you a good foundation of cognition to build on .

note that this web site is based on the korean version and there may be some small differences ( largely names of skills and effects ) .

Recommended Skill Point Build : hypertext transfer protocol : // ? build=45000024

character 2 – arena PvP ( Lyn Blade Dancer ) Vs All classes

Created by HollowAddiction, the television includes he fighting one of each course with Lyn Blade Dancer. The mind is to show how to fight against each class with LBD .

region 3 – Lvl 50 PvP Lyn Blade Dancer – Win/Lose

Created by Ashley Ng. This video includes some of the win/lose highlights and ends with godhead ‘s 100 death in the plot. however, there are tons of things he needs to improve. Below are some of the things he needs to improve on :

Vs Destroyer – Avoid lockdown by them, there is a moment when it can press F to jump back or double cluck S to escape .
Vs Summoner – Avoid their danger zone, Tab, and Z when been grab by the pot .
Vs Blade Master – fourth dimension attacks, the constantly block motivation to react debauched to press F to break their defense followed by my attack jazz band .
Vs Kung Fu Master – time escape skill, Lockdown during 3rd combo give you a probability to escape by pressing F or double S dodge .
Vs Warlock – Do n’t confront them in the beginning, run around till the Summon time is about up, then go facade assail .
Vs Assassin – Keep Chi healthy as you need to spin attack, let them utilize finished their elude .
overall – time bobby pin skill properly, do n’t use it when the enemy does a Double S get off, you will waste it .

separate 4 – blade Dancer PvP Combos

guide 1 ) – authoritative Blade Dancer Combos – PvP NA

Created by Ara Uesugi, this television was from basic tricks to newly & advance chains, hera are 20 important combos you should know to propel your Blade Dancer into Gold-Rank and beyond .

very roughly, from personal experience, the total of damage the Thunder Typhoon jazz band deals varies by classes & their escapes ;

melee : 15~30 %
Ranged : 25~50 %
coerce Masters : 20~35 %

now, “ Guaranteed ” Flash Step combos are “ about ” undertake hits ; Flash Step ‘s initial frame time increased .

First off, video timestamps 0:47, 1:37, 2:22, 2:51, 3:53, 4:15 and 5:16 are all combos to have down by heart. however, replace Flash Step for Lightning hit .

Timestamps 5:52 and 6:18 are advanced combos to learn that punishes anybody without Lightning Draw and is recommended to use together with it, so opponents are forced to burn their escapes ( on either Lightning Draw or the Adv.Combo ), so you can immediately recatch them with the other jazz band you have n’t used even. Ignore the jazz band after those ; they can only be used in about impossible circumstances .

The Adv.Combos are quite effective as the follow-up jazz band five Summoners because the CCs are AoE and lockdown the Cat as well ( If using Lightning Draw, Guardian Tempest should be activated advance, to prevent the guy from attacking your back ). They besides work well against Warlocks, but you have to stay on their tail .

One of the most significant HM Skills to obtain are the Sunder skills, specially book 1. The damage of a fully Raid, x3 Sunder, Rolling Typhoon and antenna jazz band helps a long ton, easily chucking out +20 % of an adversary ‘s life bar .

As a Blade Dancer, Blade Masters are one of your class-specific biggest threats, as they can force you to burn your escapes the moment you get within 16m and immediately follow up on it ; 1-combo deaths are very possible against them. Take it slowly if you ‘ve got nothing left to throw at them and stall things out ; Phantom Grip + Hurl helps enormously to stall and put some distance between you. This might be one match-up you ‘d want to try some guarantee Flash Step jazz band on .

As a Blade Dancer, you besides have a impregnable stall potential. Learning to defend ( and run away ) is equitable a authoritative as learning to time your combos and CCs, so get used to managing your Beyblade focus and watching for your adversary ‘s attack queues.

guide 2 ) – reliable Blade Dancer Combos – PvP NA

This television is besides created by Ara Uesugi. hera are another 9 jazz band to help propel your Blade Dancer to Gold Rank and deal more damage in duels .

Compare to that video for the full number of jazz band ( some of these combos are more refine from the original video ), you can watch the previous video. Bear in thinker that half incited by skill changes, one-half motivated to make BD a better fighter .

In PvP, each and every course have different abilities and force the Lyn Blade Dancer to play differently in order to win. There are a few general tips for LBD that works with all classes :

Do not mindlessly spin. First of all, that wholly consumes your focus adenine well as you letting your opponents get their cooldowns back up .

Do not use your pill miss on the very first gear CC your adversary hits you with. That results in you giving your adversary an open opportunity to completely combo you down from 100-0. An exercise would be KFM animation canceling you to death .

Try not to randomly use your Q/E because those can be substantive tools in escaping threatening abilities from your opposition. I stress this on less because it ‘s not as big of an issue since not many people use it much .

Using 2 while in draw stance does not switch to a basic position. With this tip, you are able to pull off some massive damage when you chain CC your opponents while in draw stance .

majority of the ways you win games is being able to understand how your opposition plays ( like if he can counter you phantom grab or he ca n’t time it well enough ) and understanding your adversary ‘s abilities and have a “ general ” idea of how they spec .

When you opponent uses f as an escape you can either WAIT and press 2 or immediately press ten because the last 2 hits will knock them up and they do n’t have enough meter to frame .

Blade & Soul Blade Dancer – Lightning and Wind Build Guides

In my opinion, in PvE, Lightning BD is better than the Wind BD, chiefly because Lightning can deal reasonably effective DPS even without much gear whereas hoist requires a draw of fund to make it good. but It will still fall slightly behind to Lightning in long fights but Wind has better burst than Lightning adenine long as you have the right equip .

I suggest that you play what you like. Watch the video below cautiously and I believe you will get inspiration from it .

part 1 – blade Dancer PvE Build Guides

guide 1 ) – sword Dancer PvE Basic Build

Created by HollowAddiction, it is a PvE build guide for Blade Dancer in Blade and Soul NA server. It is a Great template and video recording as usual .

Created by Jarke, this is another video recording about PvE build. I hope it will help you .

template 2 ) – blade Dancer Guide ( DPS Rotation, I-Frames and Tips )

godhead : Fuvari

guidebook 3 ) – blade Dancer PvE Skill Build Guide HM10

Created by HollowAddiction, it ‘s a heung-min 10-blade dancer PvE build scout so he is gon na go into pretty great detail on each skill why he chooses each skill over other skills and how it all works in concert and stuff and fair a warn he guesses in advance .

This build up is reasonably unorthodox in that he used a fortune of skills or make a lot of different choices in the build that most fly dancers do n’t make and he thinks a lot of people will probably fair see the human body and say it ‘s bad but he means he think if you give it a try you ‘ll realize it ‘s actually in truth good and he means you can see it in military action .

Would like to note that since the cook of this television, there have been changes to BD skills in patches and I have unlocked HM Z. At the moment I use Lightning ten because it was changed and it ‘s much much better now. it ‘s very dependable. I besides use the red Z flame scourge because with the HM adaptation of it, I think its a morsel better than the 5 protest Z now and besides there is another newfangled change in the BD ‘s badges which synergize with the flaming scourge. The badges from Tower of Infinity .

guide 4 ) – blade Dancer PvE Rotation

Created by Jarke, this video showing off how to actually use the PVE build up for Blade Dancer in your general PvE put .

steer 5 ) – PvE Full Guide for Blade Dancer EU/NA

Created by RyujinKatana, this television covers change specific to BD, a lead for BD, changes in general, and tips in cosmopolitan to perform better in PvE as any course. This scout is made to be accessible to anybody, which is why godhead takes the time to explain everything .

character 2 – blade Dancer Wind and Lightning Skill Rotations

Created by Jaheal, it is a basic video recording on Wind and Lightning skill rotations. Smacking training dummies with stuff. Skill tree for those who are interest : hypertext transfer protocol : // ? b=S1YUmJf5e

depart 3 – blade Master Lightning Build Overview Skills and Rotations

Created by DarkStar, it is a basic steer on Blade Masters Lightning Build. He will go over its skills you need to do lightning build and its rotations .

Lightning build in my opinion its good but not big it does do good DPS but it needs to have indeed many combos with lunar slash and you need to stall clock for lunar slash and foray stage 1 and as you can see you might need truly beneficial internet to be authentic .

Part 4 – Blade Dancer Wind Build Rotation

Created by Jarke, this video showing how to use the Wind Rotation for Wind Build on Blade Dancer. I hope this helps thank you for watching .

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