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Brave Cross Game App Apk Free Download Brave Cross is a very popular game, which is available to download for both Android and iOS mobile phones that comes in the Games grade. Brave Cross is a antic game, which was uploaded on Google Play Store & Apple app shop on 2015-10-12 17:43:14, for the beginning clock time to both Android & iOS smartphone users .

This fantastic game has been created by Seasun Corp Ltd and this democratic mobile bet on has received 4 *star rate on the App Store. You can easily download this game in your android and io Devices .

Short Review About Brave Cross Game

A side-scrolling action strategy RPG set up in the Far East, you must join forces with your allies against the consuming forces of the oppressive Dozer. Traverse the lands and recruit an unlikely ensemble of heroes to save the kingdom !
Chock-full of balmy heroes ranging from flame-punching brawlers to destructive mechanoids, it ’ s up to you how your team attacks, heals and magicks its way to victory !
You won ’ t be on your own in battle. Pick up at least 6 troop types of melee, projectile and magic trick and pair them up with heroes to shore up your lines !
Engage in fast-paced action where heroes unleash devastating skills in unison and do black jazz band !
Your victory depends on your champion and skills frame-up, when you use them and how you utilize your troops. It won ’ triiodothyronine be a cakewalk, but where ’ s the fun in that ?

– Create your own singular team with 5 classes, 6 troops, 100+ heroes
– Level astir and outfit your heroes
– Battle the Lair, Campaign and Story for more heroes, boodle, fun and more !
– Join Guilds and raid grotesque bosses for epic loot, or equitable to make more friends !
– Pit your team in the Arena and compete for circus tent andiron !
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Highlight Points of Brave Cross

Section Info
Game Name Brave Cross
Rating on App Store 4 Star
Version 1.24.79818
Category Games
Publish Date 2015-10-12 17:43:14
Total Size of this game 212,847.00
Developer’s name Seasun Corp Ltd

How to Download Brave Cross Game For Free in Your iOS Device

  1. Click Here to download Brave Cross Game on your iOS mobile phone.
  2. After that, you’ll be redirected to Direct Apple’s App Store and you may get a hyperlink to download the game.
  3. Click on Download Button to put in the Latest 1.24.79818 version Brave Cross game from Itunes.
  4. Install and Open the 1.24.79818 Brave Cross game & And have fun.

How to Download Brave Cross Game Apk Online For Android Phone

  1. First of all, Visit Google Play Store to Download Brave Cross game for Android.
  2. If you are unable to install this game from Play Store, otherwise you do not want to down load it from Google Play store, you would love to download its apk version, Then you can download latest 1.24.79818 Apk of Brave Cross Game Online For free in your Android smartphone
  3. Steps to Download Brave Cross Apk To download the apk file you may go to India’s most famous apk down loader web sites like – ApkDeal, ApkKey, 9apps, ApkMirror, Apk4Funand lots more
  4. Install the latest 1.24.79818 version Brave Cross Apk on your Android and have fun :-).

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