Champion of the Field

Updated On September 23, 2021 (3 months ago)
Name Champion of the Field
ID com.netease.lyzdna
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Football
MOD Features No
Version 0.104.20
Size 1G
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.2

champion of the Field is the on-line football bet on of NetEase .

About Champion of the Field

Most game genres are not popular for a long clock, as they can be boring for players. The crippled music genre that has constantly been loved and never outdated by players all over the world is a football game. As you know, today ’ south top games are Football Manager, PES and Dream League Soccer. These games were played a long clock time ago but calm have a set of players who favorites and experiences so far.

NetEase is the populace ’ s leading game ship’s company now from China with many fad games. possibly you have never known any football plot coming from this developer. But recently, NetEase has just completed a identical bright football plot called Champion of the Field. presently, you can try this bet on with the circumscribed Beta adaptation on Google Play. You can play it well with the APK file below. But first, learn a morsel about this game through our reviews .Champion of the Field players 1024x576 possibly you know, football is a very rigid copyrighted sport, so developing a football game with real players ’ images must get a license from FIFA. And NetEase received the official license from this association to develop Champion of the Field – a real-time PvP football game. consequently, the arrangement of players in the game will be extremely diverse with thousands of familiar players like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba, … Even likely young players like Rashford or Sancho besides appear in the game .

Build your team and conquer tournaments

Like other football games, Champion of the Field will let you build your own team to participate in the world ’ s leading tournaments. You will play the chair of the team, a passenger car and immediately control the football peer. You will do everything of a coach like economic development for the team, buying/selling players to make the team more choice. After the team becomes impregnable with quality players, let take the team to conquer the most esteemed trophies. champion of the Field rules is the like as real-life football rules, with the penalty system absolute accuracy.

Champion of the Field line up 1024x576 You will directly control your players in top football matches. ace of the Field still owns the familiar stick blueprint of football games. Through those keys, you can let your players perform actions such as passing the testis, robbing the ball, kicking, accelerating, etc. Whether these movements can be successful depends on the exponent of the musician. In summation, you can perform the particular skills of players with many actions on the screen .

Graphics and sound

In summation to its impressive gameplay, Champion of the Field is besides equipped with a high-resolution 3D graphics platform to provide a realistic experience for players. however, it is alone an average 3D graphics, not angstrom advanced as football games on personal computer. however, the visualize in the game is placid designed very attention-getting with a assortment of colors .Champion of the Field graphics 1024x576 With such mid-range graphics, you can easily experience this game on most smartphone devices without the necessitate for a high-end device. One distributor point that most players dislike in Champion of the Field is that the faces of the players who do not have emotion in the game, for example, felicitous when winning or sad when they are losing.

In addition, the sound system is separate of the success of this game. The gloss of the observer, the fans on the stands or the phone of the ball … will make the game much livelier. With the screaming sounds in the stands with healthy effects in the meet, you will enjoy excite matches like real life .

Download Champion of the Field APK for Android

champion of the Field is a truly exciting sports game, the beginning football bet on that NetEase developed, so it is expected by many players. It is expected that this game will be released future calendar month, for both mobile and personal computer platforms. presently, interest readers can play the game by downloading the APK file and OBB below .

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