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Within its secrete pubg mobile make itself a huge sensation among the youth and its younger hearing. It is one of the most celebrated conflict royale game of its type. The game attracts all type of audiences and due to its huge audiences, Pubg has to give regular updates and fresh features to its audiences. Pubg always tries to satisfy the need of its audiences. The game has 4 main maps and 3 TDM maps which gives the audiences a huge choice. Pubg always offers its user new modes and new events so the players of the game wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate catch bored easily. And it besides makes the game with lots of features and interesting. And one of the most celebrated features which are now quite popular among its players is the crew challenge manner. indeed in this mail, we answer the questions which are related to the crowd challenge .

What is Crew Challange?

In simple words, you can understand the crowd challenge as the tournament. But the thing is you can play this tournament from anywhere you want. There is no specific place where all the players come together to play the tournament. Crew challenge allowed the teams to show their teamwork and electric potential to each early. The gang challenge is played in the 3 rounds.

1. Qualifying Round.

2. Preliminaries Rounds.

3. Finals Round.

But the most important round which you play is qualifying polish. In which 12 matches are held for each team and the best 8 matches are considered to choose a team for a following round. And for playing Crew challenge you have to register in the crew challenge with your team to play the tournament. And Pubg will give you a telling whenever the registration is started. nowadays the question which pops in your mind is what are the rules for crew challenge. So we are telling you some rules which you have to follow for playing crowd challenge .

Rules For Playing Crew Challange.

In 2020 Pubg mobile give a new update which is regarded with crowd challenge. then nowadays if you want to play crew challenge you have to verify your team. You have to know that is your team is eligible or not for playing crew challenge. Pubg mobile besides adds some security measures for those who violets the rules of the tournament. now if any player catch for doing the cheat in gang challenge will be banned for 10 years.

1. The first rule for playing crew challenge is you have to get verified with your team to enter in tournament. and for verification, you have to reach for specific points with your team.

2. You can add 6 players in your crew but you have to keep it in your mind that only 4 players can play in a match and other 2 act as an extra in a crew.

3. You can play the crew challenge with both mobile and emulator. But for the fair gameplay if you play with an emulator you always get opponent who also plays with an emulator.

4. For registration of crew challenge, you need a minimum 3000 battle points.

now the following thing which comes to your mind is how can we register in gang challenge then now we tell you step by footfall how to register in crowd challenge .

Registration in Crew Challange.

1. For registering in crew challenge first you have to open the Pubg mobile app in your device.

2. Now you have to click the arrow option which is next to the setting button.

3. After clicking the arrow button go to the crew option in there you have to create a crew and recruit at least 4 members and maxing 6 players for your crew.

4. After doing that you have to go back to the main lobby and click the trophy button which is next to the start button in the top.

5. Now you have to select the server based on your location.

6. After that, you have to choose the mode in which you play the tournament. It can be either TPP or FPP.

7. Then enter the detail of your crew and now you are ready to play the crew challenge and show your skills.

thus this is all the information which is related to crew challenge. And immediately we hope that we answer all of your quarries which is related to the crowd challenge tournament.

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