Feel Crossfire Zero Game: Game childhood is refreshed with a light configuration, a new game mode but still has minus points – Tech tips

Launched at the same time as the title game Hit FPS Valorant, Crossfire Zero Game is the next version of the popular game Crossfire or also known with that familiar name is assault. Please with me experience the Crossfire Zero Game There will be differences, whether the game attached to childhood of many gamers can compete with the typical giants such as Call Of Duty: Warzone, PUBG no!

crossfire zero Crossfire Zero Game is a “ trick ” for gamers. generator : Gamehub
not long ago, VTC brought gamers “ a flim-flam ” when it announced they would not release the Crossfire game anymore. How many players cried for the destine of a childhood game. Facebook was flooded with flashbacks about Crossfire back then, it must be said that american samoa soon as receiving the notice gamers all devoted their hearts towards Crossfire .
crossfire zero
crossfire Zero brings something new to gamers. source : Internet

But, it turned out that Crossfire was alone closed to be replaced by a new harbinger : crossfire Zero. Well, putting these issues aside, let me experience Crossfire Zero is nothing different from the master version !
crossfire Zero is the harbinger translation of Crossfire. informant : internet

Graphics have been upgraded … ‘a little bit’

Gamers will still feel the silhouette of the honest-to-god fan in Crossfire Zero, however that graphic dash, those characters. Crossfire Zero graphics are besides upgraded to the degree of detail, visualize quality is more clear, belittled movements are besides smooth and more true .
crossfire zero
Graphics of the plot has been improved quite significantly .
The characters have more slippery effects, combined with smooth shading that makes everything in the game come alive. The interface in the game has besides been reduced to details to optimize the ability to experience politic .
But, that was not enough, the graphic changes of Crossfire Zero are identical humble compared to the competitors who are very strong in the FPS genre at the confront time. Try to ask whether, standing in front of big men like Call Of duty : Warzone, Vanlorant Or even a near-dead PUBG game, possessing detailed graphics to detail, does Crossfire Zero have enough ability to attract players ?
The loiter in FPS mode will not be a lot different from the honest-to-god translation. As for Battle Royale mood, it will be like early games but PUBG, Fornite .
waiting room
The lounge is slenderly renovated in Crossfire Zero .

Gameplay of a whole childhood is remade

crossfire Zero however brings the modes that were deeply in the memory of a crippled, the fighting mood familiar to two sides are Black List and Global Risk, or gamers call their beloved thieves and police. . The team that finishes the former kills will be the winner .
crossfire map zero Crossfire Zero has all the modes in the original version .
The game besides brings a distribute of glistening maps such as : Pyramids, cargo ships … with some game modes that are not besides far away for players like Death Match, Zombie but have been renamed to hear for more cool. In addition, the game besides has a few other plot modes such as jump manner, where you will commit the ability to use Sniper ( sniper rifle ) .
next will talk about guns in the game, you will recognize the characteristics of the raid present, flashy gun skins, full of shimmering colors. Guns will be purchased with money earned after each plot and will have a permanent wave duration, and the skin is … as you know already.

zero crossfire gun
You will have to plow hoes in the crippled to unlock all guns .
But plowing in substantial life to open the hide in the game .

Feature mode: ‘Ghost’ removed?

A phase worth processing into the publisher ’ sulfur metro when removing the most alone mode of the game Crossfire. Honestly, Ghost is the unique feature that used to appeal to so many gamers at one fourth dimension. The breathless moments to hear the footsteps of the invaders that had been in the minds of the gunmen once had vanished like the situation of Crossfire .
If you calm suck on Crossfire, you can use Ghost manner. source : internet
Say nobelium more when Crossfire Zero is like shooting himself in the leg when removing Ghost mode, inherently the game has not much difference, the graphics are besides much inferior to other games today, the elimination My most unique modality is that I don ’ thymine know what Crossfire Zero is competing for .

Of course, there’s no shortage of Battle Royale mode

crossfire Zero besides does not miss the deadly mode that is essential in FPS games. Battle Royale in Crossfire Zero will have the same features Call Of duty : Warzone, when there are wide mechanisms such as automatic heal or resuscitate teammates. The plot has three characters to choose from before entering the game, and each character will have different skills .
Crossfire zero character
Each character in Crossfire Zero Game has a unique ability .
Listening through can see the Battle Royale of Crossfire seems very attractive, but the actual total of players is very humble, expect time for couple match adenine long as the crush speed of replying your message. During the match discover time, I ran through the convenience memory to buy a can of coke, then ran rear to find me still in the wait room .
wait for a crossfire zero match
You should buy a Coca Cola light up while waiting for the catch, this does not help you get into the game faster but Coca Cola light is quite tasty and light so I would recommend it to you.

Review Crossfire Zero Game


  • Light game, play very smoothly almost feel no lag whatsoever.
  • Configuration is not too high for a game weighing just over 2 GB.
  • Improved graphics, look more beautiful.
  • There is almost full what’s in the original version.
  • Additional Battle Royale mode (although no one is playing).


  • Gameplay has not improved much.
  • Items and maps are limited.
  • Ghost mode very characteristic was removed.
  • Battle Royale mode have to wait a long time.
  • Gamers are still spicy trick of VTC.


crossfire Zero Game hush brings everything that is in the original version, from the map, plot mood, guns … ( and the money you loaded in the old adaptation … ). The plot is besides bringing Battle Royale manner to gamers, but hush not actually appealing to players. Hopefully in the future, Crossfire Zero will move to motivate gamers through this team-building have .

source : https://www.soicauvip.link
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