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Honor 50


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  • otiose rear cameras
  • No IP rat for water and dust immunity
  • not available in US

The Honor 50 call lineup was revealed Wednesday. After years of being written off outside of the taiwanese market, there ‘s a compel cause to consider it. It ‘s among the first in the series to have entree to Google Mobile Services after having lost entree in 2019 due to swing sanctions leveled by Donald Trump ‘s presidency at then-parent company Huawei. That all changed with Huawei ‘s sale of Honor to an independent group of buyers end year, which let the phones regain access to GMS. Honor phones can now be equipped with the Google Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps. With the political play out of the way ( at least for the time being ), I began testing the Honor 50 for about a week. I found it to be a midrange 5G phone with a fortune of features that work well for its price. The telephone has a 6.57-inch OLED display with a 120Hz high refresh rate, an impressive selfie television camera, an ultra-fast 66W charger and stereophonic speakers, all at a price that ‘s lower than comparable rivals like Samsung ‘s Galaxy tune. But the Honor 50 lacks an IP rat for water and dust resistance and does n’t have wireless charging. It ‘s powered by the more midrange Snapdragon 778G processor, though there ‘s hardly a detectable deviation in daily function from something like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which runs on the flagship Snapdragon 888 .20211025-130609 Sareena Dayaram/CNET
With a 32-megapixels selfie television camera, Honor designed this for those who like to create content on a budget, and it comes amid the meteoric rise of TikTok and its China-equivalent Douyin. But flush if you do n’t see yourself partaking in TikTok ‘s dry scoop challenge anytime soon ( or always ), this call is worth looking at, specially if you ‘re in the market for an low-cost 5G Android call that covers the basics. It might besides be a full choice if you jump on a distribute of Zoom meetings on your earphone — its impressive selfie camera is backed with decent battery life and a antic warp-like charging accelerate comparable to OnePlus. The speakers were loudly enough, besides. The Honor 50 ‘s infrastructure model includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to start. A increase exemplar is besides available with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Pricing for the phones start at 529 euros for the 6GB model, which approximately converts to £445, AU $ 820 and $ 610 ( you ‘ll pay 599 euros for the 8GB ). Both phones are set to release in Europe before getting a wide global rollout, but there are no plans to release the telephone in the US. In accession to the Honor 50 that I review here, an Honor 50 Lite earphone is planned for dismissal. That decrease model should be a bit cheap, but price is n’t even available .20211026-175828 Sareena Dayaram/CNET

Honor 50 design: Business on the front, party on the back

With its satiny build and mod aesthetic, the Honor 50 looks like a agio earphone. It ‘s besides refreshingly lightweight compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which might be partially due to the Honor 50 ‘s fictile frame. Honor says the back is made of glass, and my model came in a ashen and silver coloring material. This earphone features a holographic-like Honor logo on the back, along with a dual-circle camera demote. Though possibly not angstrom elegant as Huawei ‘s P50 Pro, the design of the television camera looks similar, despite each company ‘s assertion that Honor is an independent unit of measurement.

The rest of the earphone includes conversant features like the bulk rockers and baron button on the right. The bottom of the earphone includes a USB-C connection along with one of the stereo speakers. As for the color dodge, the Honor 50 is anything but insidious. If that louder white and silver is n’t to your like, you can check out other color options .

Honor 50 display: Solid all-around

The Honor 50 features a 6.57-inch OLED display with Full HD Plus resolution ( 2340×1080 pixels ) and a bouncing 120Hz display. Though it ‘s become more commonplace in midrange phones, it ‘s still nice to see smoothly scrolling world wide web pages and blowy app transitions made possible with the 120Hz review rate. That ‘s the same review rate as the Galaxy S21 and the Pixel 6 Pro, along with Xiaomi ‘s flagship Mi 11. Like the Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 13 Pro, the Honor 50 makes use of an adaptive riddle freshen that can intelligently switch to a lower refresh rate while performing a less necessity action — for example, viewing a however image .

Honor 50 camera: 108-megapixel lens leads the pack

Honor boasts a vamp television camera find, taking the form of a “ dual-circle ” and a reshuffle camera array consisting of four rear lenses : an 108-megapixel main shot, 8-megapixel ( fisheye ), 2-megapixel ( bokeh ) and 2-megapixel ( macro ). The main television camera, which relies on a 1/1.52 ” big detector and a f/1.9 broad aperture, took by and large solid shots. But the macro images were n’t anything limited, and it made me wonder why Honor bothered to include a macro lens at all. apart from the camera frame-up, a number of camera modes are at your administration, such as “ video in mental picture, ” which lets you overlay the watch of the front television camera onto the bigger scene of the rear television camera or vice versa. Though I enjoy creating subject, these modes are a bite gimmicky to me. however, I can see how others might appreciate having so many content-creating tools well available from the television camera ‘s finder .screenshot-20211027-143507 Sareena Dayaram/CNET

Honor 50 camera: Spotlight on selfies

Honor put a batch of emphasis on its selfie camera — yet another augury Honor wants you to create capacity with this device. The front-facing camera uses a 32-megapixel lens housed in a circular notch on the top-center of the expose. It besides comes with a 90-degree wake fish, allowing you to fit a moment more scenery than common in your selfies. I was impressed with the selfie camera. Photos turned out well naturalistic and detailed. When I compared selfies to the much pricier iPhone 12 Pro Max, I was impressed by how the Honor stacked up. I besides discovered that the Honor 50 photograph had whitened my face slenderly, but I did n’t look affected. much like how Apple, Google and Samsung phones seem to have their own style of photo-taking, whether or not you like Honor ‘s credibly comes down to personal preference .img-20211021-165541 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211024-212448 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-172635 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-172706 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211024-173640 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-173114 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-174443 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-174446 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-174458 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-174510 Sareena Dayaram/CNETimg-20211025-174350 Sareena Dayaram/CNET As you can see, the photos were crisp and detail-filled and at times a tad sharper than I would have liked thanks to AI march. The 10x digital soar allowed me to capture images — even on dazed days — of faraway objects, though their images turned out bleary. still, they had n’t been visible to the naked eye. overall, I think the cameras took decent-enough pictures for the price point .

Honor 50 software: Magic UI 4.2 runs on Android 11

I did n’t notice a short ton of changes on Magic UI, though it was a functional exploiter feel. There were a bunch together of extra aspects to explore, such as battery settings and always-on-display settings. overall, it was clean and user-friendly without feeling bloated, except possibly in the aforesaid television camera app ‘s many modes and tools.

Honor 50 battery and performance: Dependable

The battery lasted me about a day and one-half with very minimal manipulation : I made a few calls, sent some emails, watched a couple of YouTube videos and browsed the internet. even when you finally run out of juice, recharging the Honor ‘s 4,300-mAh battery is quick thanks in separate to the 66-watt wire charger. Honor says that you ‘ll get a 70 % charge in equitable 20 minutes — and for the most character that claim proved to be genuine. Based on my tests, the battery juiced up more than 50 % in precisely 15 minutes, and it took about an hour to recharge wholly. evening without including radio receiver agitate, it ‘s safe to say that barrage anxiety will be a thing of the past when you ‘re using the Honor 50. The Honor 50 runs on a Snapdragon 778G, which is goodly for a midrange earphone. In daily practice, the phone sailed through tasks, and I did n’t notice any lethargy or lags even when I tested out games or watched YouTube videos .

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