Here’s What ‘Days Gone 2’ Would’ve Looked Like, According to Director Jeff Ross

We have merely received confirmation from Days Gone film director James Ross that a Days Gone 2 was indeed pitched to Sony, including plans for a share universe and cooperative play that never came to fruition .
The unwrap came from a live stream with God of War creator David Jaffe, where Ross spoke on topics that happened following his deviation from Bend Studios and Bloomberg ’ s report last week about an unsuccessful Days Gone sequel pitched by Bend. Ross, who has now joined Mortal Kombat creators NetherRealm, admits to Jaffe that he was working on a Days Gone 2 pitch and that his departure from Bend “ had nothing to do with the status of the sequel ” and was due to personal reasons. He could not confirm details due to an NDA he signed his former employee ; however, he heavy suggests that sales from the original game may not have been enough to strike up a sequel in Sony ’ mho eyes .
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When asked by Jaffe what Sony ’ sulfur reason could have been for canning the sequel, Ross says :

“ I don ’ t think it ’ sulfur publicly confirmed what the condition of [ Days Gone 2 ] is. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to be the guy who ’ s the official source for any that is … Days Gone has sold more copies than every game the studio has always made combined. So it ’ second successful in that way, and in the community and actor reception. But the critics… yea, that was Normandy Beach. ”

Ross subsequently began discussing his plans for the sequel, which would have included “ a shared universe with cooperative play, ” something fans desperately desired in the original game. The conductor said :

“ We wanted cooperative from the beginning [ in Days Gone 1 ], but obviously you have to make concessions for what you ’ re not going to be able to do … But then take this populace that you ’ ve built, and all these assets and systems, and repurpose them for some sort of similarly themed multiplayer version of this universe. indeed [ it ] would be with guys like Deacon trying to survive, building up a clubhouse or a crew. I think it would be fun to be in that world hand in glove and see what horde battles could be like. ”

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When asked whether these features would have been included in the sequel, he says, “ It ’ s one of the things that we had in our deliver, yeah. It was the idea of a share population with cooperative play. ” Bloomberg mentions in the report that the cancellation was a separate of Sony ’ s agenda to focus on larger, blockbuster games, which has come at the expense of “ recess ” teams in its first-party organization. Ross denied suggestions that Bend was being used as a accompaniment studio for Naughty Dog and that a sequel was “ never the reality, ” adding :

“ Sony ’ s got to run a responsible business. So it ’ sulfur OK for them to make decisions based on the expect restitution of investment, because that ’ s the money they need to fund the next bet on … For Sony, every earned run average is about survival. They ’ ve never been cash-rich, so they ’ ve got to be smart. I think fans should understand that before they truly go off. ”

Ross finishes by sending a bit of praise towards Sony, saying :

“ We always assume that places like EA and Activision are letting spreadsheets drive the decisions and that ’ s never been the case at Sony in my experience, ” he said. “ We ’ re all smart and we understand that we have to create something commercial, but they ’ rhenium not jamming that down our throat … Games are expensive, movies are expensive… in order to make more, the initial ones need to make money. I do think that the more you overthink something, the more you ’ re destined to doom it and that ’ s why I like the loose format at Sony. ”

Although fans will deplorably never receive a Days Gone 2 or the electric potential cooperative and shared population, they can rest assured that the game ‘s director had big plans for them .
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