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If there ’ s one group that has received a draw of recognition in anime, it ’ mho gamers .
From once being something nerds did by themselves, to immediately becoming the thing everyone does and signifying the new alpha male Chads on the freeze .
good if you want more gambling in your zanzibar copal, this is a solid list to check out. We ’ ll be looking at anime that centers games, gamers, and everything even remotely connected to the gambling worldly concern .

20. Gamers!

Gamers! anime screenshot
It ’ sulfur unmanageable to be even more on the nuzzle when it comes to titles. however, this show is far from an extensive look at the bet on industry or e-sports .
It ’ s a romantic comedy that uses gaming as the central plat device .
Our protagonist is the stereotyped crippled who just likes to stay at home and spend every awaken here and now on his calculator .
This all changes when the popular female child asks him to join the gambling club. Within this clubhouse is where most of the romance, comedy, misunderstandings and gaming takes position .
sol even though the show international relations and security network ’ metric ton just about gambling, the characters are decidedly gamers, and are rather relatable .

19. And you thought there is never a girl online?

And you thought there is never a girl online? anime
Light novel adaptations actually love asking interview in the title. But at least it gets to the target .
The setup for this usher is a fib ampere erstwhile as clock : a crippled falling in love with his on-line waifu, only to late learn that he was talking to a middle-aged man .
Because of this, he grows disbelieving of everyone on-line and just assumes everyone is a man. But wouldn ’ thymine you know it, he was playing with hot babes all along .
And they ’ re all from his school. Can you guess what is going to happen future ? precisely .

18. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online screenshot
I want to keep the isekai shows to a minimal, but careless of what you might think of this franchise, there ‘ s no denying it has some serious representation .
Starting off with the typical MMORPG world, it then branches out to a more fagot fib set and then even gives some love to FPS fans .
And if you ’ re a fan of the game writing style in question, SAO can actually be actually entertaining .
I for one actually enjoy Gun Gale, as the FPS genre international relations and security network ’ t covered about vitamin a much as the MMOs, so it was refreshing .

17. D-Frag!

D-Frag! anime screenshot
This read decidedly had quite the unique first sequence, as we see a delinquent have bullied by four girls into joining their club .
What club, you might ask ? The Game Development clubhouse .
And although they won ’ t teach you a punch of Python or C++, games are a central plot device in the show .
The characters good hang around, play some games to pass the fourth dimension, and question why the protagonist ever claimed to be a delinquent in the inaugural place .
It ’ s a pretty cool display and has that gold slice of life feel to it .

16. Welcome to the N.H.K.

Welcome to the N.H.K. anime
N.H.K. tackles a bunch of things, from hikikomoris and low dignity, to extreme paranoia and how people can peer pressure you into suicide ( I ’ m not joking, the read gets colored sometimes ) .
But another cardinal premise is that of creating a game .
And the appearance actually goes into detail on the creative process and the fiscal struggles of game developers. For a display that tackles therefore many topics, you would think that they would just gloss over gambling in a few minutes… but you may be pleasantly surprised .

15. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.

BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense. anime
I appreciate Bofuri because it put its characters into a video crippled and calm managed to stray away from making it an isekai .
That ’ s right : no one is trapped, it ’ south fair a VRMMO .
That in itself was refreshing. But the fact that the show remembers it ’ s alone a game, and even has a tank main as the cardinal supporter, was quite the cover .
It does give The Rising of the Shield Hero vibration, but it ’ sulfur way less bleak and actually has playfulness with the worldly concern .
just a story of a girl who incidentally became OP and decided to roll with it .

14. New Game!

New Game! anime screenshot
If you truly love games and what goes on behind the scenes, then this anime is bound to be to your wish .
It tackles the entire process of game universe, from conception to art design, gull, and then realization .
The testify is beyond adorable, and all the characters cursorily grow on you over clock time, as you can clearly see how passionate they are about what they do .
It ’ mho besides quite the realistic contract on such a deep concept, specially the fact that they made the head programmer walk around with some real anger issues. Coding leaves no room for solitaire .

13. High Score Girl

High Score Girl anime
In High Score Girl we have a cardinal male supporter who ’ mho just the ultimate pro crippled .
Since the usher is set in the 90s, arcades are all the fad, and our MC is just setting record after record. never sincerely being challenged .
That is, until the female contribute comes in and hands him an fifty with minimum difficulty .
not only is she an attractive female child, but she ’ s better than him in television games ? Poggers .
So the fellow tries to become even better while besides possibly slipping in some romanticist subtext adenine well .

12. Overlord

Overlord anime screenshot
Overlord is a arrant isekai. however, it does stick to the game format more so than most .
Although the supporter Ainz is overpowered, he still has to use his game cognition to secure important victories .
For example, knowing when to use which item, what spell is potent against which opponents, what matchups he ’ s atrocious in, and so on .
And at the end of the day, Ainz was just a typical crippled before he got isekai ’ five hundred. So he still has that patent awkwardness that we can all recognize and relate to .

11. Summer Wars

Summer Wars anime
In the worldly concern of Summer Wars, VR has completely taken over. And everyone choses to spend their meter in the virtual world called OZ .
Like modern VR chat rooms, here they can communicate with each other, play games, and even go shopping. But this is where it gets crafty .
OZ is so popular and trusted that it ’ sulfur even tasked with bringing back an asteroid internet explorer from distance.

well our protagonist is a mathematics ace, and in an epic crippled fail moment, by chance puts the global in risk. It will all make means more common sense if you watch the movie, which is decidedly worth the watch .

10. Magic of Stella

Magic of Stella screenshot
Magic of Stella is another show that deals with game exploitation .
lone alternatively of creating an MMO or something like that, they ’ re creating doujin games. Which as you might have guessed is quite the different experience .
Our supporter is in the artwork design sector and just tries to breathe raw life into the crippled, while besides making some friends on the side .
It ’ s not the most critically applaud show. But if you like the concept, it could easily become a guilty joy .

9. Seiyu’s Life!

Seiyu's Life! anime
A bad part of what gives games and anime a soul is voice acting. I ’ molarity certain that you all have that one channel from a video game or anime that just stuck with you because of its excellent rescue .
Seiyu ’ sulfur Life gets us a closer front at the industry, as a young girlfriend named Futaba tries to get her name out of the door as a articulation actress .
There are plenty of ups and downs, and we see sides of the industry that are possibly not as glamorous. But it ’ south in truth matter to to see it all unfold .
Plus, it ’ s like getting a weird glance into the oral sex of CDawgVA .

8. Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai anime
I ’ molarity putting this show down merely for companion men/women of culture .
As the title hints at, this display is all about creating eroge games .
It stars a fellow who knows nothing about lottery, program, or commercial enterprise, but has an expensive feel in the eroge genre. By chance, he ’ mho invited to join a studio that ’ s about to go under. And he puts it on himself to save the studio apartment by teaching his female co-workers what a dear eroge game looks like .
This goes without saying, but never watch this in front man of other people .

7. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie anime
It ’ randomness pretty normal to see an zanzibar copal character that has given up on the real global and just plays video games all day long .
But you will cursorily realize that the characters are by and large teenagers who apparently have an infinite allowance and no real responsibilities .
recovery of an MMO Junkie takes that basic premise but adds a eddy : the heroine is a in full adult womanhood .
As you might have guessed, money doesn ’ thymine grow on trees. And she now has to figure out how to combine her sexual love for gambling, with that absolute scuff known as paying your bills .

6. No Game No Life

No Game No Life anime screenshot
No Game No Life centres around a dynamic duet that has achieved ultimate pro gamer condition : Sora and Shiro .
They ’ re so good at every game conceivable that a literal idol calls them over into his universe where their talents could be fully utilize .
You see, in this earth everything is settled through games, be it very complicated chess or a man-hunt FPS team battle .
The two promptly find themselves at dwelling and use their giga-brains to climb to the very crown of the ladder and make humanness a meta race once again .

5. OreImo

OreImo anime screenshot
Orelmo is on the slice of life side of things when it comes to genre, with gaming being a central medium for plot progress .
The central trope is a girl who honestly seems besides perfect. She has excellent grades, is popular, pretty, literally has no weaknesses .
That is, until one day her buddy realizes what kinds of games she ’ sulfur into .
so he makes an report of his own and tries to troll her, only to get way more invest than he had in the first place thought. Lots of miscommunication and awkward dinners ensue .

4. .Hack//Sign

.Hack//Sign anime
This anime to many fans was the progenitor of the isekai series .
Our supporter is a fellow who finds himself stick inside of a video game, with fiddling to no memory of how it happened .
At first he freaks out, but then he quickly embraces the change, being that his substantial animation is not all that good .
He meets up with a wide array of colorful characters and they all speculation out to find an detail called “ The Key of Twilight ”. While this show was not the best portrait of the video game have ( that express is in the issue 2 spot ) but .Hack//Sign is placid a classical, and it was a stigmatize raw concept at the time .
so I ’ thousand giving respect where obedience is ascribable .

3. Girlish Number

Girlish Number anime
girlish Number is the moment anime on our list that takes voice acting as its central premise .
however unlike Seiyu ’ mho Life, this display doesn ’ t very romanticize the wholly experience .
sure, it has some fun with the industry and gives us a few laughs. But it besides criticizes and showcases what it in truth means to be a voice actor .
At times it ’ second merely mundane or boundary line agonizing bring, just like any early speculate on the marketplace .

2. Log Horizon

Log Horizon anime screenshot
When it comes to the “ trapped inside of a television game ” genre, Log Horizon is by far the best in my public opinion .
This is because rather of equitable ditching the rules of the game and just making it a typical fantasy world, the game elements are substantive to the show .
Knowing how to juggle agro, create a good team comprehensive examination, oversee resources, or even metagame are all key factors in this anime .
There ’ s no one overpowered fictional character, but rather an range of people with different strengths and weaknesses .
The main character is a support mage who ’ south barely commodity with a quill, but his crippled cognition makes him highly valuable and herculean ! That ’ s the type of scaling I like .

1. The King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar anime
I might be burned at the bet on for suggesting a chinese anime, but hear me out .
If you truly sexual love games and want to see a show that best encapsulates competitive bet on, this is your best shot.

The entire fib follows a literal pro crippled who starts smurfing after being banned from his e-team .
The vivification is god-tier and the fib never forgets its roots. The in-game fight is extremely polished excessively, but never feels like it ’ s going outside of the kingdom of bet on .
I highly recommend you give it a try on and see what you think .

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