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You might have enough of experience playing FPS games, but Bullet Strike : Sniper Battlegrounds is not your distinctive FPS. In this game, you will have to rely more on tactic quite than firepower and if you are an ace at aiming, then in this game you will be a divine sniper ( since that ’ s what the game is all about ) .
The game will let you opt for either PvE battles or PvP ones ( which are soooo much more difficult ) so I suggest you check our Bullet Strike: Sniper Battlegrounds tips and tricks below to help you choose the best positions and tactics to eliminate all enemies.

Use the scope to your advantage
As I mentioned earlier, this game is all about tactics and choosing the best location to destroy the enemies. Since your sniper has a scope, use that to easily locate your enemies ( since it ’ s a mobile plot the shield international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine madly big ) and to help you make better use of your surroundings. Since you can ’ thyroxine visualize everything in the distance by plainly looking at your screen, use the scope to locate good hideouts and position enemy locations. You don ’ metric ton always have to shoot ( since the bullets ’ direction will be noticed ) so make indisputable you stay put and calm until you find the best location you can and head there step by gradation scouting the area .
The oscilloscope, of course, can be used to kill the enemies easier. If you would have to choose between the elementary target orient of your weapon and the accuracy of the telescope, I ’ megabyte surely you ’ ll go for the accuracy ( which is the better thing ) so once you spot an enemy, keep composure and aim for the head since that does the most wrong .
Keep an eye out for the bonuses
once in a while you will see bubbles floating to the flip with cash, health or other material in them. Always keep an eye out for these since they give you some courteous plunder. These bubbles normally raise astir to the sky and after they reach a certain stature they will disappear, so make sure you shoot them before person else does ( yeah, that could happen excessively ) .
Best way to spot these, is to keep an center out on a location, and when for model a flimsy green smoke appears, expect some money to raise from that location. Since the bullets take some clock time before reaching the aim, count that in your principal and aim a small higher. That will ensure you won ’ t miss them .
Find the ideal location
To have a better grip on the game and higher chances of surviving, you need to find a good location that you can camp and aim at the others without them noticing you. There are plenty to choose from, but the best ones are the less obvious ones .
For some people, the best locations are improving in the towers and on the terraces, but there are besides ground-level spots. Most of the people head to the higher grounds, but that will besides reveal them easier since there are truly not many items they can use to hide .
If you don ’ metric ton like heights or you just want to choose a more ground-level point, draw a bead on for the boxes or fences. As the fences have some empty spots between the wood planks, they will let you be seen at times if you don ’ triiodothyronine keep silent. The boxes, on the other hand, are hardy and will amply hide you if you ’ rhenium squat .
If they’ve seen you once, they’ll surely see you again
That being said, in Bullet mint : Sniper Battlegrounds, if you ’ ve been noticed once by an foe, they will keep looking for you in the lapp localization. The best thing you can do is move immediately before they could even come close ( or possibly behind you ) and kill you, and keep moving alternatively of becoming a sitting duck.

What I suggest you do, once you ’ ve been noticed, is teleport to another localization. To ensure this is a relatively safe place, scout the area with your setting beginning. If everything seems well-defined, proceed with the teleportation .
Bazookas anyone?
Oh yes, the much amazing even deadly weapons that will blow your socks off. You can have a bazooka which will decidedly bring a smile to your boldness when sniping three enemies with one bullet train ( if you can even call it that ). besides, not only bazooka, but grenade launchers besides .

In the Arsenal you can take a expression at several sniper weapons, some sniper rifles and some semi-automatic, grenade launchers ( ohio yea ! ) to blast everyone away, bazookas, body armors and booster packs. All of these can be unlocked with coins or cash, but some more advance ones require you to own a previous similar weapon before buying it .
More cash? More coins?
It ’ s a heaven for the firearms lovers. The options are quite deviate, so the only thing you need is cash or coins to unlock them all. We have just the right field Bullet hit : Sniper Battlegrounds tips to help you get more cash and coins deoxyadenosine monophosphate fast as possible .
If you want these, the easiest way to obtain is by doing the casual quests. They will give tons of cash for quite simple missions. Another quick and easy way of getting cash is by killing enemies. The kills will count towards multiple missions, so the more, the gay .

once you complete three casual quests you will besides get a bonus reward, so if you just want that focus on the simplest three missions. The main quests will not entirely revolve around struggle, but around the memory besides, so for case once you make a sealed upgrade required in a quest, you will unlock quite a hefty sum of coins .
These coins are the equivalent of RL money, but if you don ’ thyroxine palpate like opening your wallet to buying legal firearms in a game, you can simply watch some ads and you will get some complimentary coins ! As for the cash, you can get that from missions or exchange coins for it, but I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do that unless I needed just a few cash to buy whatever I need, because the coins are worth quite a bunch .
Upgrade the weapons to hit the enemies easier
The thing you might not have noticed yet is the upgrade choice. As you know, you weapon takes ages to reload, which at times is frustrating and might make you miss a aim or two. You can prevent this by upgrading the recharge time. That ’ s the best thing you should focus on first, since the fast you upgrade that the easier it will be in the future to snipe .

Depending on the weapon, you can enhance it by adding and promote different stats. To some, you might want to add a silencer ( makes bullets less noisy, thus reducing your chances of being detected ), and to others you might like the broad body upgrade that increases the damage, stability and accuracy .
Adjust the settings to fit your style
If you want the gyroscope to move as you move your device, go to Options (Settings) and turn it on. There you can check plenty of other options, such as the sensitivity and meticulous restraint. once you ’ ve found the arrant remainder for all these options, the game will seem much easier for you.

That ’ s all the Bullet strike : Sniper Battlegrounds cheats we have for you today, and we hope that all of these tricks will help you achieve # 1 in the leaderboards ! If you have any other tips for mate players, wear ’ thyroxine forget to leave them down in the comments below !

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