Sega Rumoured To Spend $1 Billion On Its “Super Game”

Sega is rumoured to be spending $ 1 billion on its “ super Game ” project, including acquiring other game companies .

As reported by VGC, Sega has previously said that it wants to create a “ super game ”, which is said to be a long-run strategy to create one “ major ball-shaped title ” focusing on “ on-line ”, “ community ”, and “ IP use ”. The undertaking is rumoured to be a game that makes practice of all of Sega ‘s IP in some kind of on-line multiplayer space .

Related : Ichiban Kasuga Is The entirely Man Who Could Have Possibly Lived Up To Kazuma Kiryu Sega gave more details on the super game inaugural in the company ’ s annual report. Parent company SegaSammy said that it would consider investing up to $ 882 million on the plan, including not precisely the cost of developing the crippled itself, but besides on acquiring other companies in Japan or abroad .
In the report, SegaSammy said, “ The way people interact with games is becoming more divers and the ecosystem is growing exponentially. In this context, SEGA wants to go beyond the boundaries of conventional games and take on the challenge of creating super games that excite the bet on community, which is a network of divers relationships. naturally, we project that the scale of investment in the exploitation of such ace games will be goodly. We will need to incorporate newly technologies and trends. To this end, we will have to invest from the perspective of developing the grapevine and shoring up our respect chains. ”
SegaSammy besides commented on collaborating with early companies, saying, “ I besides have the common sense that our collaboration with other companies has been lacking. immediately, in character to better react to rapid changes in the grocery store, we are increasing opportunities to be in communication with our respective occupation partners. ”
THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY Although there ‘s nothing confirmed about the “ ace Game ” good so far, it ‘s heavy rumoured to be developed by Creative Assembly, the team behind Alien Isolation. When advertising job listings, the studio put out an trope for its FPS stick out and several Sega references can be spotted within it, including Monkey Ball banana, a name of Sonic floating outside, and a beatbox from Jet Set Radio. It ‘s not confirmed that this is the Super Game, but it ‘s a pretty clear connection .
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