5 Godzilla Defense Force Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Godzilla Defense Force (Official Trailer)

An idle base defense game against monsters with the official Godzilla IP!


Godzilla has awoken once more and is cook for struggle once again ! Hot on the heels of the new movie ( Godzilla : king of the Monsters ), Nexon has released a brand newly game that honors the world of Kaiju cinema – Godzilla Defense Force. As a military commander, you ’ re entrusted with defending several Earth regions from invading monsters. Godzilla and his most iconic foes are tough to endure, so we ’ rhenium here to aid your satellite defending efforts. It ’ mho time to save the global and keep those massive Kaiju ’ mho from destroying your military forces. here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Godzilla Defense power : Download the Godzilla Defense Force APK here .

1. The Methods Needed to Secure Victory at All Costs!

Godzilla Defense Force • Godzilla : Defense Force challenges you to take on Kaiju minions and the Kaiju ’ s themselves across diverse countries. As you earn more coins and construct modern united states army bases in those countries, modern troop types become available to you. Tapping with multiple fingers in an extremely fast motion is the way to go when you ’ re actively trying to place more troops onto the battlefield. • Honestly though, you shouldn ’ t have to rely on your tapping skills to inspire the troops. In the shop, there ’ s an “ Auto-Tap ” option you can activate that automatically handles that parade tapping action for you. You should rely on this ability at all times – once it runs out, spend the remainder of that ability ’ s cooldown meter using your own fingers again. then vitamin a soon as the Auto-Tap choice becomes active again, utilize it ASAP ! The Auto-Tap option levels up and gets even better over clock, but keep in mind that its grade resets at midnight .Godzilla Defense Force • Use your mint funds wisely during struggle. Complete a few battles before you make it to the big Kaiju so you can hopefully earn enough coins to build a hale new base. When it comes clock time to upgrade your army bases, you should focus on upgrading one to its identical adjacent level at a fourth dimension. once a base ascends to a modern level, switch over to upgrading the future one in line. The state specific achievements you ’ ll complete should earn you adequate coins to gradually level up your classify bases .

2. Rely on Your “Revenge,” “Relief Supplies,” and “Boost’s” During Kaiju Battles, But Switch to the Time Travel Mechanic When a Kaiju’s Too Tough to Handle

Godzilla Defense Force • Godzilla ’ s iconic line of kaiju monsters will finally pop up and try to destroy your forces. These battles happen to the be the toughest conflict ’ south in the game since Kaiju ’ s have a long ton of HP and you ’ re only given 30-seconds to defeat them. arsenic soon as a Kaiju appears, you should immediately throw one of your equipped cards onto the battlefield ( specially your Godzilla cards since the bad guy can land a active attack on the Kaiju that ’ mho trying to tear you aside ). Be certain to spread out your good cards amongst the assorted countries you ’ re fight, excessively. any cards you have that are two-stars or higher are the type of cards you should keep on deck for active battles. • While you ’ ll make it past a few Kaiju ’ mho and end up adding them to your equippable poster roll, you ’ ll finally run into Kaiju ’ south that are besides potent to defeat. Upon frustration, you can rely on the Revenge machinist in order to restart the current Kaiju struggle at hand. Before you do that though, make certain you use the free video recording watch options for the Relief Supplies and Boost option in decree to get some much needed assists for your Kaiju replay. Never use your “ X-nium ” to boost your Relief Supplies payout, though – we ’ ll tell you what to spend that currency on subsequently on. Oh and keep in mind that the Boost option maxes out at three retries. • once your HQ level last reaches tied five, the “ Time Travel ” machinist unlocks. This is basically the bet on ’ sulfur reset option. once activated, your overall build up goes all the way back to the very beginning. however, you get to retain your unlock cards and be gifted with a new type of currentness that lets you purchase special artifacts. These stat-boosting artifacts will most likely make those tougher Kaiju boss battles all the more comfortable to complete. If that bad Kaiju is giving you trouble in one of your countries, then it may be time to use the Time Travel feature of speech .

3. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Kaiju Weak Points, Xilien UFO’s, and Citizens in Need of Saving

Godzilla Defense Force • When the game is busy handling your troops, you can use your fingers to handle more significant tapping matters. During Kaiju battles, stay attentive so you can tap on their unaccented points once they pop up. • And once you down a Kaiju, swipe adenine much as possible on them so you can earn more coins before they sink into the ocean. You should besides search the battlefield for citizens that need your serve and Xilien UFO ’ mho. Saving citizens allows you to put them to work on the Moon to earn you some Moonstones. And tapping on UFO ’ south helps you earn some more of the crippled ’ s X-nium currentness .

4. Save up Enough Moonstones and X-nium for More Worthwhile Purchases

Godzilla Defense Force • There ’ s a few purchases you can make with your Moonstones and X-nium in the in-game denounce. Since this currentness character takes a while to reach into high numbers, you ’ ll constantly want to make surely you spend it on the things that truly matter. For example, the alone “ Card Pack ” you should purchase is the “ Rare Card Pack. ” • You should alone save up enough X-nium to buy these card packs every time. same goes for the “ Moonstone Card Park ” option – you should only save up enough Moonstones to acquire this tamp down on the regular. By the way, hop into the shop to claim your unblock calling card pack every few hours. And be indisputable to pick up your loose roulette prize spins during your daily logins ( you should always watch a video ad so you can can earn an extra spin ) .

5. “Grind” Your One-Star Kaiju Cards in Order to Strengthen Your Higher Level Kaiju’s

Godzilla Defense Force • At beginning, you ’ ll have no option but to rely on the ability boosts granted by your one-star cards. But once you add a few stronger Kaiju cards to your roll, you ’ ll indigence to sacrifice your weak cards for your stronger ones. • The only cards you need to Grind are your one-star Kaiju ’ s – sacrifice them so you can earn the currency needed to upgrade your stronger and more utilized Kaiju cards. Each of the countries you defend should have at least one Godzilla card on deck. As for the other two cards that should be equipped, make surely each of those cards stick to a different poster type to keep your boosters varied. See Also

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