“Squid Game” Star Heo Sung Tae Talks About Which Scene Was Scariest To Film, Reuniting With Lee Jung Jae In New Movie, And More

Heo Sung Tae dished on his shoot series “ Squid Game ” and more on the latest sequence of “ My Little Old Boy ” ! During the October 31 air of the popular SBS variety show, the “ Squid Game ” headliner made a guest appearance as a limited MC. After seeing him in person, the fame moms cracked up the actor by observing that he looked “ less chilling ” than they had expected based on his performance as the nefarious Deok Su in “ Squid Game. ” Host Shin Dong Yup asked if he could feel the massive change in his popularity since the acquittance of “ Squid Game, ” and Heo Sung Tae responded, “ Nothing has changed in my everyday life, since I entirely go back and forth between my home and the film fixed. The biggest change is that my Instagram follower consider has risen an incredible amount. ” The display went on to reveal that he had gone from 10,000 followers to over 2.2 million in barely one month. When asked if he would consider joining a real-life “ Squid Game ” in a conjectural situation where he had tons of debt and nothing left to live for, Heo Sung Tae replied, “ I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think I ’ five hundred be able to. I ’ five hundred preferably barely spend the rest of my life paying off the debt. I think I ’ vitamin d be excessively scared to face death. ”

After starring aboard Lee Jung Jae in “ Squid Game, ” Heo Sung Tae is reuniting with his co-star as actor-director for the approaching film “ Hunt, ” which will mark Lee Jung Jae ’ s directorial debut. When asked if it felt different working with Lee Jung Jae this prison term approximately, Heo Sung Tae shared that they joked around more now that they had gotten closer. “ [ During ‘ Squid Game ’ ], we chiefly fair talked so that we could act more well, ” he explained. “ But now, we even greet each other differently. When I arrive on hardened, director Lee Jung Jae [ jokingly bows ] and says, ‘ Oh, our ball-shaped star has arrived ! ‘ ” Referencing the room his quality addressed Lee Jung Jae ’ randomness in “ Squid Game, ” Heo Sung Tae went on, “ then I ’ ll [ bow back ] and say, ‘ Ssangmun-dong, why are you being like this ? ’ We joke around like that. I think we ’ rhenium getting flush closer [ as we work on ‘ Hunt ’ ]. ” Heo Sung Tae besides went on to reveal which scene in “ Squid Game ” was the hardest for him to film. “ I have a actually severe fear of heights, ” shared the actor. “ It ’ second to the extent where I even have to stay in the middle when I walk on an overpass. So the [ field glass bridge scene ] was actually hard for me. ” “ [ The fictional character of ] Deok Su shouldn ’ t be scared, ” he continued, “ so I needed to pretend like I wasn ’ thyroxine terrified. But on the inwardly, I was trembling. Before the cameras started rolling, I ’ five hundred [ reserve onto something and vibration in fear ]. I ’ d entirely act when the cameras were rolling, and then adenine soon as they yelled ‘ Cut, ’ I ’ d go back to [ holding onto something and shaking ]. ”

When asked if they had actually been that high up for filming, Heo Sung Tae revealed, “ One bring was filmed actually senior high school up, though there were safety measures in place. The rest of the takes were filmed about [ 3 meters ( approximately 10 feet ) ] above the grind. But even that was chilling. That was the scariest view for me. ” Watch the broad episode of “ My Little Old Boy ” with English subtitles here… Watch now …and watch Heo Sung Tae in his late drama “ Beyond Evil ” below !

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