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knights chronicle tier list and best heroes

Are you a winnow of Fantasy Anime ? Do you enjoy Hero Collection Role Playing Games ? Do you love looking at explosive animations of special abilities that obliterate your enemies from the expression of the Earth ? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might want to check out Knights Chronicle .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Knights Chronicle was published by a south korean video plot caller, Netmarble. They are celebrated for releasing many successful titles…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
Knights Chronicle was published by a south korean television game company, Netmarble. They are celebrated for releasing many successful titles, such as Marvel Future Fight, BTS World, The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, and many others .
Knights Chronicle was released on June 13th, 2018. In a sting over two years, the bet on has been downloaded over 1 million times on the Google Play Store, where it presently holds 4.3 out of 5 stars rate with over 108 thousand user votes. On the iTunes App Store, Knight Chronicle presently sits on 4.4 out of 5 stars rating with more than 4.3 thousand user reviews. These numbers show that the game is even fairly popular among the bet on audience, thus let ’ s dive in and see what it is all about .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


While playing Knights Chronicle, you will decidedly feel like you are watching some high-fantasy anime…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
While playing Knights Chronicle, you will decidedly feel like you are watching some high-fantasy anime. All of the characters are drawn in a room highly evocative of zanzibar copal, and that ’ s a full thing, specially if you are a fan. What ’ second even better is that most of the fib dialogues are in full voiced-over, which vastly adds to the submergence and the overall zanzibar copal spirit. early than that, some of the spells and abilities have signally “ brassy ” animations, which is besides much seen in high fantasy animes .
As for the soundtrack, it rocks, specially during some of the cinematic parts. It will pump you up for the approaching battles, and make you immerse yourself into this charming worldly concern. The composers truly did their homework, and the soundtrack is on-par, if not flush better than that of some democratic animes. All in all, the overall standard atmosphere is credibly the best view of Knights Chronicle, which will be the first base matter to draw you into this charming game .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


During battles, you control up to five characters in turn-based combat and use their skills and abilities to defeat the enemies. Sounds reasonably simple ? Well, not precisely. Those are just the basics of the game…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
From the base gameplay position, Knights Chronicle is a turn-based, hero collection role play crippled, aka gacha. During battles, you control up to five characters in turn-based combat and use their skills and abilities to defeat the enemies. Sounds reasonably dim-witted ? Well, not precisely. Those are precisely the basics of the game .
Since Knights Chronicle is gacha, one of the main goals is to collect a firm roll of heroes in order to defeat whatever challenge the game throws your way. In this game, there are hundreds of different heroes, each with their own skills and uses. like to most other gachas, there are unlike ways of obtaining the heroes. The most common way of acquiring them is via summoning. There are several unlike types of summons, each one accord you a random bomber draw from a summoning pool. however, the chances of obtaining heroes are disproportionate to their relative might. In other words, it is not very likely to get some of the most powerful heroes just by using the summon option a few times. thankfully, you can check the details about each specific summon and see the chances of obtaining each individual hero. Certain events will significantly increase the chances of summoning some specific heroes, which will make it much easier to obtain them .
As for the heroes themselves, each of them possesses several skills angstrom well as one out of five elements. There are three basic elements, Fire, Wind, and Water, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Light and Dark. Like in most other gacha games, each chemical element is well against one other component, while besides being decrepit to another. besides, many heroes possess the drawing card ability, which can make a meaning impact on your stallion team. A lot of these abilities only provide bonuses to heroes of a specific element, and that is why you need to consider cautiously which one of your heroes is most become as a drawing card for a particular team. Some of these abilities are suitable for PvE expression of the game, while others are estimable for PvP. It ’ s besides worth noting that many of the skills have synergy with one another, which is why creating a team of heroes that complement each other is extremely important .
Another thing about heroes that all anime fans will find perplex is the inclusion of collaboration heroes. Yes, Knights Chronicle features some iconic characters from respective popular animes, such as Rwby, Yo-Kai Watch, Fairy Tail, and Fullmetal Alchemist. While playing, you will be able to acquire some of these amaze characters and use them in your roll of heroes .

When it comes to gameplay, Knights Chronicle is separated into two major aspects, PvE ( Player versus Environment ) and PvP ( Player versus Player ). These two gameplay modes can be found at the Lobby. Adventure manner covers the majority of the PvE storyline, and it is divided into three difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Upon starting the Adventure, you will notice the world function, separated into twelve regions. Each of those regions consists of several stages, and you progress through them in a linear way. Clearing each stage will grant you some rewards that will help you progress and improve your heroes .
other than Adventure, there are besides Challenges available in the game. These are tasks you can complete to earn some especial rewards. There are Boss Dungeon, Time-Space Void, Special Dungeons, Advent Dungeons, and etc. Completing each of these adenine often as possible is highly crucial in order to optimize your progress and earn as many rewards and resources as you can .
As for the PvP expression of the game, you will be able to compete in Arena against other players. Each week, the Arena resets, and rewards are given out based on the rankings. It is interesting to note that every week, sealed heroes are banned from Arena, so you can not simply create one team and stick to it. This is why having a large roll of heroes is imperative in order to be competitive in PvP in Knights Chronicle. Yes, there are some overwhelm team compositions, but in order to form a team that is able to compete with those, you will need to play the bet on systematically for a long clock .
It is besides authoritative to mention that the crippled features Town with several alone buildings such as Town Hall, Heroic Windmill, Goddess Falls, Secret Shop, and etc. Each of these buildings serves a specific function and some of them can be upgrade several times. For exemplar, Mine will provide you with some gold every few hours, and the amount you ’ ll pick up will depend on the upgrade level of your Mine .
All things considered, Knights Chronicle is fairly exchangeable to most early bomber collecting RPGs, and it has plenty of message to offer to its players .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


If you are an zanzibar copal fan, you will instantaneously fall in beloved with the means this game looks…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
The visuals of Knights Chronicle are pretty gorgeous. If you are an zanzibar copal winnow, you will instantaneously fall in beloved with the way this game looks. Every hero has a very detailed in-game model. besides, each of them has a unique artwork example. These look just phenomenal and are worth every praise .
When it comes to skill effects, Knights Chronicle is very “ explosive ”. This means that some of the herculean skills have very “ flashy ” effects tied to them, and using them will trigger an animation in which the hero performs the particular affect, full of effects, explosions, and particles flying all over the screen. Understandably, some people may not like this, so there is an option to disable these animations .
overall, Knights Chronicle looks very decent, and you will more than probable find its visuals eye-pleasing .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Tech Compatibility

For the most contribution, Knights Chronicle is reasonably well optimized…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
For the most character, Knights Chronicle is fairly well optimized. The minimum requirements for Android users involve having an android 4.1 compatible device, which is reasonably depleted by nowadays ’ s standards. As for the io users, the bare minimum is io 9.0, which isn ’ thymine besides high either. however, it is deserving noting that playing on a device that is under minimum requirements will have its downsides. First of wholly, you will have to tone down the graphics, which will significantly decrease the quality of the visuals. thankfully, you can play with the game settings and optimize them to your like, which is a bang-up motivate by the developers since many early gacha games don ’ thymine allow player to change graphic settings, and are ill optimized for low-end devices. This pretty much has the best of both worlds – it allows players with older smartphones to experience the game while allowing those with brawny gaming smartphones to enjoy wide spectrum of its explosive visuals .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Free-to-play Friendly

If you aim to progress through the report, and experience everything that the game has to offer, then you will be completely fine as a F2P player…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
But is it friendly for F2P players ? Well, that kind of depends on what kind of player you are. If you aim to progress through the history, and know everything that the game has to offer, then you will be completely all right as a F2P player. The game is very generous to modern players, and you will be able to earn an ample measure of crystals by progressing through the history, earning achievements, and completing your day by day activities. so, equally long as you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate waste the resources you earn by play, you will be fine for the most contribution .
still, Knights Chronicle is gacha game in its congress of racial equality, so you can get very doomed and it might take you a long meter to obtain sealed heroes. besides, each of the heroes has respective aspects that can improve their power. You can level your heroes astir, increase the horizontal surface of their skills, evolve them, enhance them, equip them with versatile runes, get costumes, and much more. Each of those options will allow you to make your heroes more powerful, but they all require some sort of resource. Because of this, it is highly difficult to max out any specific hero, particularly if you are a F2P player. While this won ’ triiodothyronine limit your progress sternly in PvE aspect of the game, it becomes noticeable in PvP. If you are a fooling player who doesn ’ t worry about the ranking excessively much, then you ’ ll be completely fine. however, if you want to compete with the top players, you will be at a disadvantage as a F2P player. still, it is entirely possible to rank high in the Arena, but it requires a meaning time investment. This means you will have to play the crippled on a day by day basis for months, if not years in order to assemble a knock-down PvP team that will be able to compete with top players .
then, to sum it up, yes, the game is wholly playable for F2P players, but playing Arena on a competitive level requires either a meaning time investment or buy packs via microtransactions .
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Knights Chronicle is a very decent hero collection RPG, particularly for the fans of zanzibar copal. Its gorgeous visuals and addictive gameplay will keep you staring at your telephone until your battery runs dry…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
When taking everything into consideration, Knights Chronicle is a identical decent hero collection RPG, specially for the fans of anime. Its gorgeous visuals and addictive gameplay will keep you staring at your telephone until your battery runs dry. decidedly a must-try for all zanzibar copal lovers !

Knights Chronicle




Tech Compatibility

F2P Friendly


Its gorgeous visuals and addictive gameplay will keep you staring at your phone until your battery runs dry …
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Knights Chronicle guides and TIPS

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

knights chronicle review, guides, tips and tricks
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here is the separate when we get a bite more in-depth. We compiled a number of useful guides, tips, and tricks that will help you throughout your gaming journey and hopefully make it more fun and easy ! love !

Use links below to jump to the guide sections. Use links in the lower right corner to jump back.

How to get awakening essence?

Awakening essences are used for awakening heroes. You can get awaken essences from the Arena patronize every week. early than that, awakening essences can be acquired from SSR Advent Dungeons .

How to reroll?

Rerolling is a process of starting the game from rub in ordering to use the spare starting resources to summon some of the most mighty heroes. Since the summon is random, it is not guaranteed you will get a potent hero, which is why you sometimes want to “ reroll ” and try your fortune again. In Knights Chronicle, rerolling is fairly comfortable. All you need to do is go to Settings > Account Info, and then unlink your report. then, merely connect again with a unlike e-mail, and the crippled will start from the begin .

How to set helper?

Helper is one of your characters your friends can use to assist them. here is how you can set assistant in Knights Chronicle. Simply make certain that the drawing card of the last party you used is the character you want as your benefactor. The game will constantly let your friends use the benefactor who is the leader of the last party you used .

How to enhance a hero?

Upon reaching level 60, you will be able to enhance your heroes. Each time you do thus, your bomber will receive one imperial star, up to a utmost of six. To enhance a bomber, you will need to provide some insignia a well as the advent heroes of appropriate quality. You can obtain advent heroes through the Laboratory or by doing Advent Dungeons. Each enhancement is more expensive than the previous one, so keep that in take care when enhancing your heroes .

How to delete an account?

once you link Knights Chronicle to your google account, you can not delete it. however, you can start anew by unlinking it in the Account Info check under Settings, and linking another google account .

How to leave a guild?

If you are unsated with your stream club in Knights Chronicle, and wish to leave, here is how you can do it. From the Lobby, pawl to Town. After that, go to Guild, and then click on Manage Guild. From there, scroll all the way down, and you will notice Leave Guild choice. Simply chatter on it, and you will be able to leave your stream club. Bear in take care that you will have to wait 24 hours before you can join another club.

How to use enhancemon?

Enhancemons can be used in place of advent heroes in ordain to enhance your heroes. Bear in mind that in order to use your enhancemon, it needs to be the appropriate quality and it besides needs to have 6 stars .

How to get insignia?

Insignias are valuable resources used for enhancing your heroes. You can get insignias by doing club dungeons

How to get evolvemon?

There are several ways to get evolvemon in Knights Chronicle. You occasionally get evolvemon by completing Missions. You can besides acquire them by doing dailies. early than that, you can get evolvemon by competing in the Arena. last, you can obtain evolvemon by completing all 15 floors of Time-Space .

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