Synthesis of beginners guide to play Liet Hoa VNG game

The game Liet Hoa VNG is having a great attraction for those who love the swordplay role-playing game. How to play the game Liet Hoa VNG does not follow the basic rules of traditional role-playing games, so gamers will be a little confused when starting to play the game. For a great starting signal to beginners, follow these tips below, which are sure to help you exist and grow in the midst of this punic, treacherous wilderness .
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Step 1: Level up

Level up
What will you have to do to promptly level up ? Like many other games we will focus on activities that bring high EXP points such as casual activities, boss search, picnics, fiduciary. After the founder missions, the day by day natural process board such as : chivalry, Practice, Help Budgeting, Picnic, Secret Scenery, etc. will formally work, so please try to complete and participate every day. to get the cook rewards. With the points earned you will promptly level up angstrom well as collect a large sum of valuable equipment .
When the player reaches horizontal surface 28 we will begin to join the kin of choice. When participating in kin activities, we will get many benefits for members such as : kin skills, kin shop, clan wage every week, attendance meet gifts every sidereal day, etc .

Step 2: Search for equipment

Search for equipment
equipment is one of the very crucial things when we go out and about. equipment in Liet Hoa VNG is made into many levels, many colors and has different grades in order of color : green – Blue – Purple – Orange – Red, 0 stars – 1 star – 2 stars – 3 stars.

To have equipment we have many ways, you can participate in activities : emboss crusade, daily activities, making equipment yourself or buying from ingame denounce .
When you reach level 98, gamers can pair their high-end equipment through the equipment pairing feature to upgrade the world power according to the instructions below :

  • From 2 star orange equipment -> 2 star red equipped
  • From red 2 star -> 3 star red
  • 3-star red equipment -> 3-star Spirit page

Step 3: Upgrade combat forces

Upgrade to combat force
In the game Liet Hoa VNG, there are many ways for you to upgrade your character ’ mho fight office such as : wear equipment, strengthening / inlay pearl for equipment, increasing skills, raising animals, increasing stars, improving demeanor Dressing in fashion, elementalism, even avatar collection, title, etc. will all increase fight baron. The higher the fight pull, the stronger your fighting ability is, so we can be celebrated, arrogant and deadly, without worrying about being chased by the adversary .

Step 4: Envelope Gypsy Island

Khuynh island Gypsy

When you have completed the above instructions, the gamers have somewhat become brave, sturdy adequate to run rampantly in the Gypsy. now watch the fourth dimension to open battles in the game such as Phong Van Chien, Phuc Ma Chien, Bang Phai Chien, Luan Dao Hoi, etc. to show your fearlessness and class .
Above we have instructed the newcomers when they join Lio Fire VNG. Hopefully with the above tips, you will quickly become the overcome of the worldly concern to master this treacherous escape .
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