Powkiddy Max 2 Review

Powkiddy Max 2


Powkiddy Max 2


One of the best RK3326 handhelds on the market



  • Ergonomics
  • Screen Size/Brightness
  • Great emulation up to PS1


  • Late To The RK3326 Party
  • Loaded Adult Logos
  • R1/L1 Shoulder Buttons


The Powkiddy Max 2 is yet another Powkiddy hand-held with however the like RK3326 chip that we ’ ve been playing on for a pair of years nowadays, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop me from actually liking it .
As you know, I ’ ve reviewed a set of Powkiddy handhelds in the past, but this one here, is by far their best hand-held yet, and in fact, it ’ s the first hand-held that actually competes with ANBERNIC ’ randomness products who are presently the go to in this low-cost marketplace with the RG351MP .
What Powkiddy has done, like their other handhelds, is rush new features to the market, which here is the larger screen with an ergonomic design, and previously their rushed products have been bad, barely like the Powkiddy X18S which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, and somehow, they ’ ve managed to nail this one .
But in Powkiddy fashion, they in truth, REALLY screwed this up in one place, which has never happened in a hand-held review before, in fact, this is the first gear time one ’ ve seen this in my hale retro gaming career .
Let ’ s take a search .
powkiddy max 2 vs rgb10 max First of all let ’ s compare it to the older Powkiddy RGB10 Max, which only recently came out excessively, the quick decision to create a second version is unlike Powkiddy, but we have it in our hands either way .
The raw Max 2 has a 5 ” IPS display which is in fact the like size as the original Max, but slightly bright making it a selling point to potentially upgrade .
The most obvious change is the newfangled ergonomic design and slender style towards the center of the device. Around the analogue sticks the shell protrudes with a round, comfortable clasp which feels brilliant in the handwriting .
powkiddy max 2 shoulder buttons Because of this, my fingers rested precisely where they needed to be, making it feel close up to perfect in the pass. Our finger rest on the D-PAD and action buttons, and our index finger on the back trip buttons .
The back shoulder buttons are stacked and slenderly flared and again, protrude slightly out of the shell making the back front bosomy in the justly places .
R1 and L2 slide around the sides of the hand-held slightly making it easier to press but I did notice that it ’ south better to press it lower down the buttons than on top, as where my fingers rested at times didn ’ thyroxine even press at all .
When you hold this, the hand-held kind of disappears in your hand, in a full manner, this makes the screen catch your attention more than anything adding a courteous immersive experience when holding it near your confront .
powkiddy max 2 gameboy advance Powkiddy has hidden all of the non-important buttons excessively, for model your reset buttons, on/off, wireless local area network, earphone jack, volume buttons and your USB-C ports are all hiding on top of the device, out of the room which i like .
then on the buttocks you ’ ll find your two loudspeaker grills which are located away from your hands and fingers allowing for the best possible sound experience.

It doesn ’ t have the best quality speakers in it, but it ’ south adequate to get by when playing your best ex post facto games on the move .
Moving back to the confront buttons, your analogue sticks dip into the hand-held allowing you to put this in your pocket our bag without ripping them off, and the DPAD alongside the action buttons are bouncing and responsive .
powkiddy max 2 analogue sticks The entirely change I would personally make would be to make the ABXY buttons slightly larger, because they are quite small, but this is just me being finical .
One of my favorite features of the Powkiddy Max 2 is one that may go unnoticed, and that ’ s the fabulously belittled bezels around the display, this bantam change adds this high choice touch to the device and again adds to the immersive experience you get with this hand-held .
overall I personally in truth like the way the Max 2 looks and feels, it ’ s a step in the right direction. The new plastic used has a flat touch to it that doesn ’ triiodothyronine display fingerprints, the bright display is welcome and the new ergonomic design makes it feel like a completely modern hand-held .

Powkiddy Max 2 Specifications

powkiddy max 2 handheld The Powkiddy Max 2 features a Quad Core RKK3326 chipset which runs at 1.5GHZ, 1GB RAM, a 5 ” LCD display with a resolving power of 854 ten 480, 4200MAH battery, WiFi and USB-C appoint .
Does that sound familiar ? Well it should because it ’ s closely identical to the older RGB10 Max, the only difference is the bright expose, the shell design, and some better choice buttons .
Like many of Powkiddy products everything comes preloaded, this one they sent us has thousands of games installed, and they ’ ve tied added some very dainty custom firmware which makes the hand-held easy to use uncoiled of the box .
however, somehow and probably through very poor people timbre checks our unit came with a section that… well, makes us think that there could have been some adult substantial added to the console table .
How this got here I do not know, and the files inside are called CCTV, which are first gear scared the know bullshit out of me, but it turns out that these are infact chinese television receiver stations and the function we are in is merely the media player, but that said, somehow this well known brand logo got into the device and that itself is worrying .
Because of that I can not recommend giving this to a child. After contacting Powkiddy they said they have removed it from their handhelds, but one ’ ve listen that before indeed please, if you are buying this for a child the easiest thing to do is just go into the UI settings and change the root, this will remove the adult logo region .
You can go into the SD card files to remove it completely. I had to feature this as it ’ s the first time one ’ ve seen this in any hand-held, and it ’ s incredibly unprofessional, but this is what you get with these types of ex post facto handhelds from China, the quality restraint is non-existent .
powkiddy max 2 gameboy Moving on to operation, like any RK3326 chipset it ’ mho capped at playing everything up to PS1 games. indeed your NES, Gameboy, SNES, Neo Geo, Mega Drive and so on will work perfectly on this thing .
And because of the 16:9 filmdom, the OS automatically adds borders for you so that you ’ re not just seeing blacken boxes .
Some may say the 16:9 screen on a RK3326 chipset that is capped at PS1 is a spot over the peak, and I would agree, but the UI alongside the borders makes it look less out of home and something I can live with .
For those of you that are looking for N64, Dreamcast and PSP emulation, I recommend waiting a few months for some newer handhelds like the RG552 and the Retroid Pocket 2+ which are fair around the corner and can outperform this by a mile .
powkiddy max 2 dpad The bright screen alongside the well placed high quality buttons packaged in a very ergonomic, thin, light hand-held makes this a real fun device to play on .
In fact it ’ s up there with the RG351P in terms of enjoyment and if you ’ ve been around for a while, you know I love that hand-held to pieces .
It ’ south Powkiddy ’ s first hand-held that I highly recommend picking up IF it ’ s your foremost RK3326 hand-held. Should you buy it if you already have a hand-held, no, probably not, but if you ’ re new to the scene, and want one of the best RK3326 handhelds on the obstruct then this is a dear abuse for those of you that want a 5 ’ screen .
If you want quality, then i recommend looking at the RG351MP. Both are capital, but both have their own advantages.

powkiddy max 2 buttons And because this Powkiddy MAX 2 is stacked wide of ROMs, has superb firmware and feels big in the hand straight out of the box it ’ s a hand-held one can recommend to anyone who doesn ’ metric ton want to tinker through emulators merely to get a few more frames out of the best N64 games .
This is undoubtedly one of the best RK3326 handhelds on the marketplace, but it ’ randomness arrived slenderly to late the party, and if you ’ re like me, you already have your eyes on other handhelds with more powerful chips, for a similar price .

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