Moonlight Sculptor Review

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A Scaled-Down RPG

Moonlight Sculptor is a free-to-play MMORPG by XL Games, and it feels like one. An RPG, that is. The game has a variety of modes and side quests to choose from, so many that you may feel overwhelmed at first. But you ’ ll soon realize that it will take a decent ball of time to unlock the unlike features and modes that are offered, as they ’ rhenium locked behind player levels. Leveling up doesn ’ t happen identical cursorily, so that begs the question : Is the game worth the time investing ?
Based on the korean light novel series, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, this MMORPG brings the report ’ s virtual reality MMO, Royal Road, to your phone. No anterior cognition of the series is needed to play the crippled, but there are a few east wind eggs for fans of the series .
Moonlight Sculptor is an impressive feat. It manages to feel like a large RPG scaled down to call size while retaining the mechanics that fans of MMORPGs would expect to find. But having all the bells and whistles does not inevitably mean you have a good game .

Fun for a Familiar Some

The more you play Moonlight Sculptor, the more apparent its strengths and weaknesses become. The art stylus keeps the crippled matter to. The interpret of the character models, the animals and the environment all come together to create an adorable chibi global that has a wide-eyed net of appeal. The music plays at apparently random times, but when it does it ’ s a beautiful, relaxing tune that works for all aspects of your adventure. The game besides pays court to the master series, with characters from the novels making cameos throughout the narrative. Between the conventionalized diversion of Royal Road and the game including characters from the series, fans of the light novel will have well reasons for wanting to stay invested in the world.

unfortunately, that may not be the case for newcomers. Most of the other aspects of Moonlight Sculptor are average. The report is skippable, the extra modes are boring and the combat is uninspired, leaving new players with little to keep them concerned. The game feels specifically designed to require the least amount of attention or effort to play. Every mode can be dumbed down to two objectives : “ go hera and kill that ” or “ go here and touch that. ” And it is an MMO in name entirely. You can play with others, but it is unlikely you will need or want to .
The plot does have a few mundane activities that players can partake in such as craft and modifying armor, cooking and fish. Dismantling armor can give you specific crafting resources for new armor. fish are used as ingredients for food, which gives you a stats boost. But these activities ultimately feel unsympathetic and inconsequent because they support the independent issue with Moonlight Sculptor : its combat .

An Uninteresting Core

The fight of Moonlight Sculptor drags the rest of the game down. It is dull. You tap the foe you want to target, and your quality locks onto it and hits it until it dies. You can pepper in a couple skills, turning your one-hit jazz band into a two-hit jazz band, but that is it. And that ’ s how it is across every mode of the game .
The dungeons, the raid bosses, the PVP arenas all trust on the game ’ sulfur fight arrangement. And none of them use the battle in any interest way. No break of weak walls, no electrocution of elephantine spiderwebs, no lock of certain abilities. The entire game is good “ go hera and kill this. ” Everything in Moonlight Sculptor plays into the battle in some form. And with the combat being sol lackluster, it makes doing everything else feel pointless .
The game does itself no favors, though. It heavily promotes automation. It guides you right to your mission objectives and has an idle mood that efficiently kills any enemy for you. These factors combined resulted in me losing all interest in Moonlight Sculptor once I had tried out the diverse modes .
sol, to answer my own wonder, Moonlight Sculptor may be worth the time of fans of the serial and people looking for a unmindful RPG. But, with a numb history and insistent fight, this MMORPG will not satisfy the urge of an RPG fan looking for their next venture .

Is It Hardcore?


Moonlight Sculptor ’ s charming world is not enough to save it from repetitive battle and an inconsequent fib. It may be playfulness for fans, but hard-core RPG players should pass on this one .

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