Fairy Tail: 10 Pieces Of Natsu & Lucy Fan Art That Are Totally Romantic

Fairy Tail fans are sure to swoon over these romantic fan art pieces of Natsu and Lucy from a series of incredible artists. Fairy Tail all began when Lucy Heartfilia had a fateful brush with fiery dragon killer, Natsu Dragneel. After cursorily befriending one another, Natsu recruited Lucy into his ill-famed club, Fairy Tail. Since then, the two have been an inseparable and brawny pair with an interesting dynamic to their relationship .
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While they are not yet an official couple like Gray and Juvia or Gajeel and Levy, it ‘s no secret that Natsu and Lucy share one of the closest bonds in the entire series. naturally, fans and evening Hiro Mashima himself love to pair the two main characters together in amatory winnow art.

10 Fairies By @Shandisworld

Despite having a title like Fairy Tail, the main characters and members of the club are n’t actually fairies. Rather, they are mages with powers of all kinds .
That being said, artist @ shandisworld cleverly adds the literal entail of “ Fairy Tail ” to Lucy in this cunning sports fan art. With sparkling fagot wings and a tap pointed tail, she embraces a long-haired Natsu in a shade forest of leaves .

9 Lift By @Zippi44

If Fairy Tail took place in a more modern time period, the characters would be wearing much more different clothes from their common outfits desirable for fight .
In this traditional fan artwork by @ zippi44, Natsu is lifting Lucy up with comfort in his muscleman tank, cargo pants, battle boots, and iconic scarf. In return, Lucy gives him an endearing look in her reasonably pink snip, thigh-high socks, and ankle boots .

8 Hugs By @Arielucia

Natsu puts all of his time and campaign into being the strongest and toughest he can be, which means he does n’t always know how to properly show his affection .
As he ‘s being squeezed tightly by a glad Lucy, Natsu pouts in the most adorable way and does n’t know how to express his emotions in this fan artwork by @ arielucia. The addition of Plue in the center of their hug makes for a rightfully wholesome moment between the two mages .

7 Worry By @Ksmile1313

In addition to being a fishy and action-packed anime, Fairy Tail besides has its carnival share of heartbreaking scenes and moments of uncertainty .
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This emotional fan art by @ ksmile1313 shows Lucy and Natsu standing back to back under a flip of stars. As Lucy clutches onto her heart with her head down, Natsu looks to the flip, deep in think. Whether they ‘re thinking about one another or the condom of the earth, it ‘s a lovely delineation of the pair .

6 A Gift By @Njblogart

overall, Natsu and Lucy have a playful albeit chaotic friendship in which the dragon killer ‘s capricious nature drives Lucy crazy .
In this cunning fan artwork by @ njblogart, a amatory idea pops into Natsu ‘s principal to surprise Lucy with a bouquet of flowers. The only problem in his chaotic means of executing his plan. As he carries her over to the surprise, Lucy shouts with her fists in the air, not knowing what the son is scheming .

5 Rainbows In The Air By @Alina-chan

One of the prettiest and most romantic settings has to be underneath the trees of cerise flower season. While cerise blossoms are pink in the real world, artist @ alina-chan puts a colorful bend on the petals flowing around Natsu, Lucy, and Happy .
The stunning fit features a happy and blushing Natsu casually putting his arm round Lucy as they walk through a pastel rainbow of petals .

4 Prince Of Persia By @Karola2712

As a popular anime series, it is n’t uncommon for Fairy Tail to have fan-made crossovers with other franchises. Artist @ karola2712 created the perfect crossover voter with the Prince of Persia .
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together, Natsu and Lucy fall through the flip with the most delicate touch of their noses. Natsu takes on the iconic outfit of the Prince, while Lucy wears the beautiful white clear and black bottoms of Elika.

3 Seven Years Later By @Zippi44

Through the course of the series, Lucy becomes a writer and reporter who loves telling her own narrative. naturally, she would want to make a record of the most important events in her life .
In a workplace of fan art by @ zippi44, Natsu and Lucy pose closely together for a photograph with the written subtitle, “ The day he confessed ! ! ” Hopefully, Natsu truly does confess his love someday .

2 Steampunk By @Leons-7

The steampunk aesthetic is an interest blend of science fabrication and 19th-century culture, creating a distinct and gorgeous fashion vogue. Coincidentally, steampunk fashion goes very well with Fairy Tail, as seen in this art by @ leons-7 .
Wearing a hanker tangent and black snip, a bluff Lucy pulls her man close by the draw. Natsu willingly leans ahead in his crimson equip to match his hair’s-breadth. Their goggle and hat accessories top off the steampunk fashion nicely .

1 Flowers By @Karokitten-chan

A flowery plain with petals blowing in the hoist is the perfective apparatus for a amatory moment between any couple. Natsu and Lucy are no exception .
In this heartwarming fan artwork by @ karokitten-chan, Natsu and Lucy are playing in the field of flowers together. Both of them are blushing as Lucy crowns Natsu as her flower prince .
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