Latest OMG Ninja Code 2020

If you are in the process of becoming a legendary ninja, then quickly get Code OMG Ninja, extremely valuable resources that will support you on your path to development, each code OMG Ninja has different rewards. .

A product card game has a familiar subject that has merely been released to the marketplace by AIVO today, Code OMG Ninja documentation newbies to receive a lot of items of Summoning Cards, Gold Chests, … valuable for gamers to quickly own characters, build a severe team .

code omg ninja
Become a legendary ninja with Code OMG Ninja

Code OMG Ninja

here Taimienphi will summarize ongoing events or events so that readers can easily receive Code OMG Ninja, many rewards sent to players by NPH AIVO .
Event 1: Loan Alpha Test
– Reward : Code OMG Ninja included
+ Gold x150
+ Summoning Card x5
+ Gold Chest x5
+ Gold Lock x5
+ Knitting Advancement x100
– Link to join : Event 1
Event 2: Share Trailer
– Reward : Code OMG Ninja included
+ Gold x150
+ 5 Star Ninja Soul Bag x10
+ Puppet EXP x5
+ Silver Chest x5
+ Silver Lock x5
– Link to join : Event 2
Event 3: Join the Group to receive GiftCode
– Reward : Code OMG Ninja
– Link to join : Event 3
In addition, you can besides participate in the early Registration event on the game ’ s official Landing here, corresponding to each milestone registered gamers will receive a different value OMG Ninja Code. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to go to Fanpage to attend new events every day to receive Code OMG Ninja.
– Join the Fanpage consequence to receive Code OMG Ninja here.
– Join the Group to receive Code OMG Ninja here .
code omg ninja 2

Instructions to enter Code OMG Ninja

Step 1: At the independent interface of the plot you proceed to select Feature appears in the correct corner of the screen as our exemplification below.

code omg ninja 3
Step 2: then click on the Menu push button
code omg ninja 4
step 3 : In the settings interface Menu, you scroll down and select the detail Redeem Giftcode OMG Ninja, snap To watch .
code omg ninja 5
step 4 : After clicking the. button To watch, the Giftcode input panel appears for you to enter the Code. Enter Code OMG Ninja in the box and click Change, the reward immediately flies to the account inventory .
code omg ninja 6
frankincense, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to receive and enter Code OMG Ninja, habit endow codes to receive extremely valuable rewards from the publisher, supporting your game have more smoothly. besides if you are looking for Code Gun Love 2019 then visit the link hera, we will summarize the game ’ south GiftCode types for you to read.

Link download game OMG Ninja
hypertext transfer protocol : //
presently the game is available on Android and io fluid systems, gamers can download and install OMG Ninja proper now.
– Link to download Android version : OMG Ninja for Android
– Link to download io version : OMG Ninja for iPhone

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