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Piano Tiles 2 poster Join the global celebrated arcade plot as you experience craze and addictive music gameplay in Piano Tiles 2. The amazing franchise has returned and offers even more excite features. Explore incredible gameplay with a distribute of new customizations compared to the first gear game. Find out more about this amazing plot as we introduce to you our comprehensive reviews .


Piano Tiles is the first game to introduce gamers to a mix know between high-quality music and flying reflexes to get past the levels. In elementary controls and interface, gamers will have themselves a simple board with moving tiles. Just tap on the blacken tiles whenever they are within your scope and start listening to beautiful pieces of music as you go. There will be hundreds of formally licensed songs from the earth celebrated Piano composers. Choose the right songs from varied genres. The game is a arrant mobile gaming experience for gamers of all ages and preferences. Listen to your favored songs while playing the plot. It ’ s like you ’ ra playing the piano by yourself.


here you ’ ll find all the stimulate features that the plot has to offer :

Simple and intuitive controls

Featuring a simple and intuitive controls automobile mechanic, Piano Tile 2 allows gamers to cursorily engage in the thrill gameplay. Once you ’ re in, you ’ ll never find yourself being able to get yourself out of these addictive experiences. Just turn on your earphone, open the game, choose your favorite song, select the right levels for you, and enjoy the amazing gameplay .

Experience incredible rhythms as you take the game to the extreme

And the more time you spend playing through the levels of Piano Tiles 2, the faster the rhythm method of birth control will become. Enjoy breath-taking piano challenges as you take your tapping speed to the limit. Combine your hands and eyes to the extreme point levels as you complete the challenges and set your own records. Be a huffy pianist and tap until you can ’ metric ton tap at all .

Take on the exciting challenges and earn valuable rewards

here in Piano Tiles 2, along with the independent gameplay, gamers are besides introduced to the excite challenges. Experience a completely different gameplay as you complete the newly challenges and enjoy exhilarating piano experiences .

Customize your interfaces with varied options

furthermore, players in Piano Tiles 2 are besides introduced to dozens of different custom-make options which allow them to change the in-game interfaces to how the like it. Have your cunning kat faces running down rather of the boring total darkness notes. Or change your background with beautiful images and pictures that you like. Make Piano Tiles 2 feels like home plate the money you open the game .

Choose between hundreds of different songs

For the music fans, Piano Tiles 2 besides features hundreds of different piano songs from the world-famous pianist. In addition, with the late updates, you evening have awesome songs from deviate genres being performed with the Piano such as fade songs and thus on. Enjoy music with vary styles to satisfy your different tastes .

Never lose your safe files

In this game, you ’ ll never have to worry about losing your save files even when you delete the game, reset your telephone, or even switch to a new one. That being said, all you need to do is log in your Facebook score to have the game backed up on-line. Hence, the next time you login from another device, the plot will automatically sync your old saves. On top of that, logging into your social account besides enable many exciting gameplay .

Join online gamers from all over the world

One of the most concern features in Piano Tiles 2 that many of you would find interesting is the on-line gameplay. hera you can plowshare your journeys with friends, see their advance and check on their records. furthermore, you can even join the massive on-line community with millions of on-line players from all over the worldly concern. Compare and compete with them to set incredible Piano Tiles records .

Collect more daily bonuses

And to reward the dedicated gamers, Piano Tiles 2 besides introduces incredible bonuses for the active ones. Just log in the crippled frequently to collect your unblock bonuses. Make uses of them and progress even more in the earth of inexhaustible piano experiences .

Free to play

With all the stimulate features, it ’ s hard to believe that the crippled is still free for all Android users to enjoy. however, it ’ sulfur true, you can gain access to all the features in Piano Tiles 2 without having to pay anything. still, the game hush comes with some in-app purchases equally well as ads that might annoying you .

Get rid of the annoying ads with our mods

If you ’ re getting frustrated with the annoying ads, you ’ ve hail to the right rate as our mod translation of this game will offer you unlimited access to the game and an ad-free feel that you can ’ metric ton find anywhere else. hence, if you ’ re thinking about having a accomplished experience with Piano Tiles 2. It ’ s recommended that you download our Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK file and follow our teaching to have it installed by rights on your devices. never will you have to experience the annoyance ads again .

Visual and sound quality


There international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a lot to say about the in-game graphics other than simplicity and comfort. The bare graphics allow gamers to focus entirely on the addictive gameplay. Plus, the simplified interfaces besides help you to experience more comfortable gameplay. And most importantly, the undemanding graphics make the game extremely playable on most android devices. Hence, you can have it install and run absolutely on multiple devices with change hardware.


In such a music-oriented game, it would be a shame if you don ’ triiodothyronine have access to the most high-quality pieces of music. Which is why the creators of Piano Tiles 2 have included some of the most incredible audio experiences to gamers. That being said, the high-quality sounds will make you feel like you ’ re enjoy in a real concert. Just put on your headphones and you ’ ll know what veridical music is like .

Download Piano Tiles 2 Mod latest Android APK

For those who ’ re looking for a quick and entertaining casual game that they could enjoy anytime anywhere, Piano Tiles 2 should be what you ’ ra looking for, and more. By featuring the incredible audio experiences and a merely addictive gameplay, Piano Tiles will make you hooked to the game for hours on end. 4.3







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