One Piece: 10 Theories About The Ancient Weapons That Are Plausible

possibly one of the greatest mysteries in the world of One Piece is the universe of the Ancient Weapons. What are they ? Where did they come from ? Who built them ? And why is their universe in the world necessity ?
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All of these questions and more have kept fans guessing at what the aim of these elusive weapons might be in the distinguished scheme of the story. right now, it ‘s merely speculation and speculate, but whatever the case may be, lone time will tell which of these theories will be proven, and which will fall flat. The theories range from wild and interesting, to completely reasonable and healthy. careless, there ‘s a lot to unpack just from the information that has been allotted so far .

10 Pluton Is A Massive Drill That Remains Hidden Underground

Franky from One Piece with Pluton Blueprints
One hypothesis predicts that Pluton — the massive warship capable of leveling entire islands — is actually a drill, that lies abeyant beneath the worldly concern. This theory is derived from the Greek god Pluto, whose name translates to “ Ruler of the Underground ” and the geological body of rock named Pluton, which is crystallized magma. The weapon itself could well destroy islands, but it could besides create modern islands by drilling into the earth and releasing magma into the ocean, which would harden and form rock. While no hypothesis is without flaws, this one does seem to follow the democratic fan logic that this weapon relates to the earth somehow .

9 Poseidon Was Meant To Save The People of Fishman Island

The Sea Kings from One Piece
This theory illustrates how Poseidon was never intended to be used as a weapon at all, but rather as a saving decorate from an approaching catastrophic event .
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Since this Ancient Weapon is a person with a exponent that was passed down from generation to generation and is presently held by Princess Shirahoshi, the stallion function of the weapon may be to save the people of Fishman Island from an approaching disaster. The massive ark Noah is modeled to be pulled by the giant, intelligent fish named the Sea Kings, so the entire theme that Joy Boy foresaw the events that will take place and destined Poseidon for a particular moment seems highly probable .

8 Uranus Is A Rocketship Made To Explore The Galaxy

The Moon from One Piece
One popular winnow theory seems to suggest that the final weapon, Uranus, is in fact an aircraft that is meant to explore the stars. This theory originated because of the planet with the lapp name and goes on to suggest that Roger was laughing at the goal of his travel because he realized that while he became King of the Pirates, he could never conquer the stars. This may besides explain why Roger left everything on Laugh Tale and would leave it up to future generations. While it does n’t seem likely that the series will go in this focus, it is a very matter to take on something that has merely been mentioned a handful of times .

7 Franky Modeled The Thousand Sunny After Pluton

The Ship of the Straw Hat Pirates
Franky is the alone extremity of the Straw Hats and probably one of the only people in the world to have seen the blueprints for the warship Pluton. Franky besides built the modern embark for the Straw Hats, the Thousand Sunny. sol with this connection in mind, it ‘s not besides farfetched to consider that possibly Franky modeled contribution of the newfangled transport ( or at least part of it ) after the blueprints that he had seen. Since the Pluton is the only weapon that can be mass-produce, it might not be bizarre to think that Frank modeled the embark ‘s weapons, the extra vessels, or the power system, broadly after what he had seen .

6 Poseidon Is A Descendant Of The Great Kingdom

This theory besides stems from the fact that the weapon Poseidon is a person rather than an inanimate object. If the ability was passed down from coevals to generation, then logically speaking, the exponent had to have started somewhere. And the startle point is theorized to have been in the Great Kingdom, which is the lapp locate that the World Government tried to erase from history. This hypothesis makes sense, considering that the most probably reason the invalidate century exists is ascribable to a cover-up born out of reverence. If there was any ability that could overthrow them, it would be the office to command the Sea Kings .

5 Uranus Has Already Been Seen On Skypiea

The Ark Maxim from One Piece
What if the most mysterious Ancient Weapon Uranus has already been shown in the series and is hidden right under the noses of fans ? One theory suggests that a prototype for Uranus has already been depicted on Skypiea – the Arc Maxim. Whether this ship is the real Uranus or just a replica, this hypothesis operates under the logic that the Maxim is a weaponize sky craft in the ancient culture of Skypiea, and therefore might have a connection to the very Uranus. It ‘s hard to say for certain until the consultation is allotted more information about Uranus, but this theory does hold some slant due to the word Uranus itself which, in Greek mythology, refers to the personification of the heavens Ouranos .

4 The Buster Call Is An Incomplete Version Of Pluton

Buster Call from One Piece
Robin ‘s backstory depicted how her entire island of Ohara was wiped out due to their cognition of the ancient text. This fan theory points out how it would be both tragic and dry if the thing that Nico Robin sought after with the Straw Hats was the like thing that destroyed her people .
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The connection in this hypothesis comes from the fact that the Pluton has been said to be able to destroy entire islands, and the Buster Call was an event that did precisely that. If the World Government has spent their time softly trying to replicate the Ancient Weapons so that they could not be used against them, it would explain quite a lot .

3 Poseidon Was What The Rocks Pirates Were Fighting Over

The Rocks Pirates from One Piece
One theory get up after the presentation of the Rocks Pirates, the ill-famed pirate group that was comprised of several outstanding One Piece figures, many of which went on to become Emperors of the Sea. This theory suggests that before their frustration in God Valley, the Rocks Pirates were fighting over see of Princess Shirashoshi while she was however an testis waiting to be born. This battle leads to Garp ‘s claim “ Hero of the Marines, ” and fans seem to suggest that it was n’t entirely because Garp defeated the Rocks Pirates, but because he kept an Ancient Weapon out of their hands .

2 Uranus Is The One Piece

The Final Island in One Piece
possibly the rationality why fans have seen so little of this Ancient Weapon is that it ‘s remained concealed on the final examination island. But what does it do, and why is it hidden away on Laugh Tale ? One hypothesis suggests that the aim of this weapon is to raise the worldly concern to the heavens, by way of altering terrain and controlling the weather. This hypothesis is again in line with the logic that the weapon bears resemblance to the Greek mythology of the same name but deviates to suggest that this weapon is not only potentially life-giving by manner of controlling atmosphere and oxygen, but besides life-ending if it were to take those things away .

1 The Ancient Weapons Were Created To Bring World Peace

Laboon from One Piece at the Red Line
possibly the most celebrated and plausible hypothesis right now operates under the read of the word “ One Piece, ” which many fans predict will be revealed to be “ One peace ” — instructions on how to bring about worldly concern peace. No topic how this is done, every hypothesis under this logic predicts that doing this involves the Ancient Weapons, and the first mistreat is to destroy the Red Line. This consequence would besides fulfill Sanji ‘s ambition of seeing the All Blue, and Brook ‘s pipe dream of seeing Laboon again. indeed narratively speaking, this theory seems to be the most reproducible and coherent decision that has been presented so far. It ‘s immediately entirely a count of time until fans see if this theory is prove adjust .
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