Dragon City PC Version: Download & Play Simulation Game for Free

Dragon City Game: Download & Play on PC for Free

Build your own island, produce dragon habitats, and fill it with dragons in Dragon City game, an action simulation game. In this amaze style, you can find hundreds of dragons to collect and breed. Plus, you can play along with other Dragon Masters. ultimately, this adorable dragon game offers a lot of features that will surely get you hooked for hours.

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Dragon City

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Get to Know the Dragons in the Dragon Book

With the Dragon Book, you can see all the 26 Dragon Collections. That is why this book will be your guide to collecting versatile dragons available in the game. It will show you data about each dragon you ’ ve collected, their classifications, and tips on how you can obtain each draco in the ledger. Furthermore, once you have successfully completed a collection of dragons, you will be awarded with gems.

Breed A Dragon of Your Choice

In Dragon City PC, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate good be collecting dragons, but you will breed dragons as well. once you have collected three elementary dragons— Earth Dragons, Water Dragons, and Fire Dragons—you can use any two dragons of different elements to create dragon hybrids. You can even create legendary ones, besides. Just make indisputable you have the right dragon parents to use .

Engage Your Dragon for Battle

capitulum on and let your dragons engage in combat in Dragon City. In this plot, there are two combat systems, the Dragon League Tourney and the Dragon Stadium. In Dragon Stadium, you need three friends to open and start the dragon struggle. Once you ’ ve opened a stadium, choose three dragons from your dragon collection for each tournament. however, the chosen dragons for battle must be at a minimum flat of 4 to fight. furthermore, every battle you win will increasingly increase the trouble of the future ones.

The Dragon League Tourney is the PVP manner of the game. You can participate here and fight for a maximum of 3 times every 6 hours. To get to the adjacent level, you need to defeat 7 other dragon masters. once you defeat each actor, you will advance to a higher league.

Build a Great Habitat & Meta for Your Dragons

Each draco will need the properly habitat in ordain for them to evolve. You can purchase any build in the human body menu and construct them by clicking on any available outer space on your island. There are respective buildables in the game that you can invest in—Food Farms, Breeding Mountain/Tree, Habitats, Coliseum, Hatchery, and Temples .
The building meta sport besides allows for expansion, which are spaces that you can purchase to create more space for your buildables. It ’ ll be necessity for you to use expansion as your district will soon get crowded once you have built besides many habitats .

Enjoy A Variety of Mini Games

Dragon City PC offers lots of miniskirt games that you can enjoy aside from the elementary gameplay. What ’ s more, you can get rewards from these mini games that you can not acquire in any other way. however, playing these miniskirt games will require gems.

One of the mini games is the Winter Casino. It is a slot machine game that rewards you with dragon eggs. Another mini game in Dragon City is the Black Market. This miniskirt game is operated by a hag that sells you mysterious boxes that contain dragons. There are 6 dragons in every mystery box which, if you are lucky, will include a alone draco that can only be obtained through this game .
Another mini game is the Wheel of Fortune, which is Dragon City ’ s Roulette Game. In this miniskirt game, you either go bankrupt or earn doubly. In Dragon Potions, you will draw potion spells to obtain some dragons. The Dragon Carnival Game is a estimate game where a shadow is shown and you have to guess the identify of the dragon .
If you would like to explore and enjoy more of Dragon City on a bigger screen, download this game now. It ’ mho easy, less fuss, and best of all, rid !

Game Features

  • Deus the Dragon Master
  • Get daily rewards
  • be amazed with colorful and vibrant graphics
  • Fight Battles to accomplish your missions.
  • Take on your pick and get updates on your Dragon

Download & Play Dragon City on PC FREE now!

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