Sky: Children of the Light

Updated On November 19, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
Name Sky: Children of the Light
Publisher thatgamecompany
Genre RPG
MOD Features Unlocked Skins/Maps, God Mode, Unlimited Wing Energy
Version 0.15.5 (179644)
Size 1G
Price FREE
Requires Android 8.0

flip : Children of the Light MOD APK is great role-playing and puzzle game developed by thatgamecompany .

About Sky: Children of the Light

Thatgamecompany is based in California, USA. At the same time, this is besides the developer two democratic games on personal computer, Journey and Flower. These two games have now been released on many unlike operating systems but are not available on mobile. sky : Children of the Light is their merely bet on released on Android and io, and it is completely free.

The story

sky : Children of the Light lead new players to a colorful fantasy global. guarantee that when participating in the game you will be overwhelmed by its brilliant beauty, a beautiful eden appears before your eyes along with an invitation to you go deeper and explore. As one of the children of the populace of Sky, you must discover and give hope to the kingdom, on a mission to find the lost constellations there .Sky Children of the Light World The kingdom of the flip is the plaza where light children are born and it is associated with the starry sky. Your job is to search for ancestral souls and bring them back to the configuration in the proper position. By walking through the meadows, sandpaper dunes, or the dark places in the kingdom like the charcoal kiln, the ancient bell column, … you will find lost souls and carry out the mission you carry your shoulders. The command method acting of this game is identical barren and does not follow any design at all. It ’ s not excessively complicated, but it ’ s good hard to explain. Do not worry because when participating in the plot you will be thoroughly instructed on how to play and well adapt, get used to it .

Soar and explore

sky : Children of the Light barely like I said at the beginning, it ’ s a very interesting puzzle gamble game that attracts players in every view. After the achiever of the game Journey ( 2013 ) and Flower, they continued to release this game. And only a short time has attracted a lot of gamers matter to.

Sky Children of the Light Puzzle Participate in adventures in the abandoned kingdom and carry out the mission. In the interim, you will besides encounter the conundrums that the game offers you. Therefore, you will have to solve them to uncover the secrets that are hidden there. note that you should notice every detail in the game because even small details can be the key to the puzzle you are facing .

Team up to adventure into darker realms

The most great feature of Sky : Children of the Light is a game that allows you to meet other players around the world. It was great to be able to discover matter to things with friends. not only that, but you can besides share your achievements with people who are as passionate about adventure as you. Besides, you can freely customize the character according to your own preferences before starting to participate in an interest gamble .Sky Children of the Light Co operate The open fantasy earth makes you feel like you are lost in a wonderland. flip : Children of the Light has many beautiful locations, including winter effects. Accompanied by unaccented effects and sounds will make your adventure more matter to than always.


Graphics are one of the reasons Sky : Children of the Light attracts millions of players even though it has not however been released. With the way of shaping the character with many options for creative players, accompanied by beautiful scenes that the developer has devoted all his heart to designing it. And not alone this game itself, but all of their games are particularly focused on graphics. Besides, the sound is besides very alert to stimulate you to enjoy participating in adventures, solving slippery puzzles to complete the mission .Sky Children of the Light Graphics

MOD AKP version of Sky: Children of the Light

MOD features

  • Unlocked Maps
  • Unlocked Skins
  • Unlimited Wing Energy
  • God Mode

Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK for Android

sky : Children of the Light is indeed one of the best puzzle adventure games I ’ ve always played. It ’ second perfective about everything from the plot to the graphics and their features. however, the crippled has not yet been launched. Follow APKMODY to stay astir to date on the latest news program about this game. We will upload the APK file when the game is officially released .

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