Some playing experiences and terminology to know in Tan Thien Long Mobile

On Tan Thien Long Mobile adaptation, there are credibly many gamers who switch from Thien Long Bat Bo to many things that are surprising and surely what I used to do in Thien Long Bat Bo was different from the Tan interpretation. Thien Long Mobile .
The follow article will help you distinguish some specific terms in Tan Thien Long Mobile and know some play experiences to integrate faster with the “ previous greenwich village ” gaming residential district in Tan Thien Long Mobile .

  1. Instructions for downloading and installing Tan Thien Long Mobile on the computer
  2. How to install and play the Three Kingdoms on the computer
  3. Instructions to reduce lag, reduce high ping when playing online games

Tan Thien Long Mobile: Some play guides and terms you should know in the game.

1. Experience leveling quickly

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beginning to level up cursorily, you should go train, if your freak caravan number is more than 3000 monsters, you alone get 10 % experience. After 24h reset the numeral of monsters that have been trained in the day, note that the total of monsters is only achieved when you train in the cinch map, in Yen Vuong Co Mo, Tan Hoang Cung. besides with the Ma Tac or the touch in Vice You will not be counted.

  1. You can train enough monsters first to work later because some activities such as state missions or day missions will require you to train monsters map picnic.
  2. At the same time, you can use Thien Linh Don in Kim Nguyen Bao shop to double your experience, you can use it right after the day. X2 will be calculated as the total of EXP, regardless of whether it is used before or after. The higher and higher the number of double exp.
  3. Experimenting heroes is also a way you can use to train EXP, the higher the combat power, the more you can train more> exp.
  4. Some activities are supplemented by milestones from 20-29 milestones to 20 levels, or from 30-39 milestone 30 levels such as Lo Tam Hoan, Yen Tu O. So if you are at level 29, you can continue on. Please wait 30 more.

2. Some experience needs to know

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note that the copy of Yen Tu O bomber or Tam Hoan Ancestor hero knob has a very big bet on, if you see the bos kill ( appears red band ), then jump out of that stead.

corporal : Upon entering the battle, there will be announcements about which areas to fight, Dai district, Van Trung and Nhan Mon. If you see the message where to go to war, run back to that area, then stand in the blue encircle to get the burying orient .
Lac Duong Arena : By default, the pet will keep the darling, if you see anyone in it, you can keep the favored away.

3. The fastest way to farm silver

  1. Go to the museum to pick up the Bat Bao Thap, get rid of 2000 silver
  2. Rare museum treasure picked up pet orange and orange skill, sold at a very good price
  3. Hero training: Monsters 3, 6, 10 with bonus, silver
  4. Use Kim Nguyen Bao to change 1NB = 100 silver

4. Some abbreviated terms in the game

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MTD: Invite more teams
SS: Pet breeding
LTH: Tam Hoan Distress, YTO: Yen Tu O
LTH ah: Hero Three Siege, YTO ah: Yuyi Oh Hero
Go Flag: Tran Long Ky Dau
MT: Suffering security hackers, AT: Crime of anti-piracy
TTT: Four great pages
DVD: Acting the dojo
TC: Communicating
HSLK: Hoa Son Luan Kiem
YVCM: Yen Vuong Co Mo, THDC: Tan Hoang Dia Cung
Above are some of the dally experiences and terminology normally used in Tan Thien Long Mobile, with the above play experiences hope you will get used to the game faster and will increase levels faster in TLBB .

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