The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

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Name The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
ID com.netmarble.nanagb
Publisher Netmarble
Genre RPG
MOD Features No
Version 1.3.5
Size 126M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4

The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross APK is a role-playing game for Android with turn-based gameplay and a raw color. You will soon be attracted by the thrilling report, along with beautiful princess Elizabeth. The challenge is ahead, and are you ready to explore ?

Introducing The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

There is no doubt that Netmarble is one of the celebrated game developers on mobile platforms. Most of their products launched on the market received very eminent reviews, and the proof is that most of them received the Editors ’ Choice title of Google Play.

recently, some of their projects have been released, KOONGYA Draw Party. however, it ’ s not what I want to mention in this article, but rather The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross. Stay tuned for the adjacent sections of the article to find out what this crippled offer .


The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross takes place in the Liones Kingdom, an era where humans and ancient creatures from 3000 years ago coexisted. As the exponent of these creatures became more outstanding, they tended to dominate, and the Holy Knights of the Liones kingdom were trying to help them achieve their goals. Doubting about the at hand danger, Princess Elizabeth escaped from here to set out to seek aid. She met the youthful hero Meliodas, the captain of the group Seven Deadly Sins, and was caught up in the journey of changing the destiny of the world .


After the foremost introductory narrative scenes, you will play the role of Meliodas and start exploring the universe. The independent objective of this game is to defeat the bad guys, who want to harm the Liones and the world. however, we will approach lento to be able to capture the rhythm of the game, as challenges will gradually emerge. First, complete the instructions from the arrangement. They will show you how the main features, character system, tasks, or how to attack a monster .

The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross has turn-based gameplay. On your turn, you will use the cards to perform an action. It can be attacking, using skills to restore health or increase defenses for teammates. Netmarble has designed a team of heroes who has particular advantages on the battlefield. And in the future, you can recruit them into your police squad. Of course, enemies can do the same matter. The war between the two camps continued until the forces were wholly annihilated. If you win, you will gain experience to level up. In the other case, you will still gain have, but less and you can start the battle again.


As introduced earlier, The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross has a lineup of heroes that you can recruit into the squad. They are extra, and I will reveal the personality of each person, and possibly it helps you to explore the abilities that each can bring .

  • Elizabeth & Hawk: The third princess of the Liones kingdom and a pig speak human language. They are a couple. The princess is beautiful has a pure soul, she is aiming for the good of this world. The other is hard-working, working in the bar of leader Meliodas.
  • Meliodas: A talented leader. He has the appearance of a child, but strong, reliable, and currently runs the Boar Hat pub.
  • Diane: A girl with a great appearance. Even so, her soul is innocent and has a naive personality. But do not think that you can bully her!
  • Ban: The immortal man has a cold face and possesses the ability to steal. But, he never thought of personal gain but just stole things that didn’t belong to them.
  • King: A sensitive guy. He had feelings for Diane but never revealed it.
  • Gowther: The girl has an unusual appearance. She often talks about strange things, sometimes confusing and seemingly insensitive personality with things around them.
  • Finally, Merlin – a great magician. She can use magic and this is a great help to the Seven Deadly Sins squad.

Build your tactics

A turn-based role-playing game that is normally tactical. The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross is not out of this case, and you need to think a set to win. Each card has a function. Some cards that work together will bring some effects to the team. sometimes an approach impregnable, or causing the enemy to become inert and defensive decline. The difficulty not only came from the holy knights but besides the bearing of the Bosses. They are bigger, stronger, and smart. so wear ’ thymine expect random attacks to win as the way you beat a few monsters at the start of this game .


When talking about graphics, Netmarble has never let players complain that they are hapless quality, or lack of excitation because the consequence is not effective enough. The Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross builds graphics based on the Anime / Manga subject. And more, the developer has partnered with comedian record publisher Kodansha, so it gets more support. The characters are designed in contingent, beautiful effects, colored, and will please any discerning player. They work smoothly, sometimes you will feel that it is like a movie with in truth fierce battle scenes.

MOD APK version of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

MOD feature

Coming soon .

Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross APK

The journey to change the destiny of the world of Meliodas, Elizabeth and the other members of Seven Deadly Sins are waiting for you. It ’ s hard to find the answer if you don ’ t download this game and join on the gamble .

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