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Mars Game Hongkong ’ s first ball-shaped mobile bet on, Calibria : quartz glass Guardians provided a fresh and singular RPG know to players newly to the writing style angstrom well as those well immersed in broadly similar games. With the largely positive response, reviews, and ratings players have for their first ball-shaped RPG, fans of the writing style are sealed to look forward to more releases from the company .
Tour of Neverland is a trade name newfangled RPG from Mars Game Hongkong and is one barren of fight or ferocity. comparable to popular titles of the subgenre like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, or Country Life Harvest Day, Tour of Neverland focuses on grow. It won ’ t be just about planting fruits and vegetables, though, as Tour of Neverland has a set of features to keep anyone a busy as can be to tend to their developing island grow. Tending to diverse livestock, fishing, selling goods, or even visiting early islands are barely some of the many activities you can revel in as you spend time in Tour of Neverland .
Take the function of an inexperienced farmer whose grandfather presumably owns an stallion island to himself and has invited you to spend vacation on it. amazingly, there are a lot of shape that needs to be done on the island and money matters relative to paying rent that needs to be tended a well. As you begin to learn everything there is to know to manage the island one area at a time, you will discover a kind of activities a well as suffer new friends to help you in tending to unlike aspects of managing the grow .
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There is a distribute to take in as you dive into the global of Tour of Neverland and given that your gamble spans an entire island and tied beyond, it may seem overwhelming for beginners but the game ’ s tutorial and interface, along with numerous NPCs to constantly guide you actually makes it a lot easier than you could imagine .
Tour of Neverland is the kind of game you can truly play and enjoy at a loosen pace. however, if you want a rapid progress and develop your island farm ahead of the pack, then read our Tour of Neverland novice ’ second usher. Our comprehensive usher, that comes with a bunch of tips and strategies will surely help you to jumpstart your virtual agrarian career !

1. Prioritize The Main Quest Line

Like many RPGs, Tour of Neverland immerses you further into the life of an all-around farmer. Every bit of advance you make as you take on the main quest objectives gives you some knowledge about the island farm and your grandfather. beyond that, the main bay besides serves as a key to unlocking more of the game ’ south features linked to areas and structures within the island that you unlock. Main quest rewards are besides authoritative for you to accomplish most of the other slope quests and can besides provide you XP to level up and unlock more content .
how to complete the main quest in tour of neverland
What would normally happen is that when you accomplish a main bay, side quests pop up along with the fresh chief quest aim. In such instances, it is best to keep your focus on the main quest for deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you can accomplish it. The typical obstruction that will block you from completing main quests involve gold coins or the lack of it as expenses will always exceed income specially at the beginning of your farming career .
once you have hit a roadblock and will not be able to progress with the independent quest, there will be plenty of slope quests to accomplish then you can earn more gold coins and even obtain some extra resources to earn adequate for the pending main quest .

2. Keep Your Plots And Livestock Productive

Farming life sentence is surely filled with a bunch of cycles or routine tasks that you can follow to utilize your bring and investments more efficiently. Again, Tour of Neverland lets you play and enjoy your virtual life entirely at your own pace but if you want to produce and earn more, you have to ensure that everything in your island farm is working at utmost efficiency. There will not be a draw of activities to engage in early on but fresh structures and features get added up every once in a while as you reach new milestones. As such, learning to work through routines become an authoritative aspect of the crippled .
plots and livestock in biala podlaska
For starters, you should always ensure that every plot you own is utilized to the fullest. Crops should always be growing and rather of precisely randomly plating whichever comes to mind or whichever yields the highest profits, there should be a prioritization of sorts to adhere to. The top priority should be crops relevant to the independent quest or side quests you have even to accomplish .
If you have none on your list then you should check on delivery orders to produce the necessitate crops first. If you have more than enough to satisfy both side quests and deliveries, then you should consider keeping a good balance of crops. It kind of works like keeping a full inventory of potential rescue orders ahead of time. Your crops will never spoil anyhow so you can never in truth go faulty with having an excess livestock of any of them .
Beyond crops, there are besides trees you can plant and harvest from time to meter. We are not compelling anyone to feed their OCDs but games like Tour of Neverland are the type that makes you want to take note of every cooldown period or countdown to start harvest and plant again .
The like goes for all the livestock you will tend to for the resources they provide. You will start with a cow and a chicken but will soon be able to secure more of both and other animals as well. Like trees, take note of the time when you can visit your farm animals to obtain goods from them .

3. Continue To Deliver Goods To Earn Coins And Affinity

gold coins are the basic currency in Tour of Neverland and while you may expect an overabundant provide of it early on, you will be a act disappoint. The thing is, there are plenty of ways for you to earn gold coins and with a bit of hard work, you can have more than enough of it. Almost every bodily process you engage in as act a unique adventure earns you gold coins. Well, you may not earn it directly in every act but every moment of detail or resource you obtain can be sold for gold coins .
tour of neverland deliveries
One of the best way to continuously earn amber coins along with early rewards is to tend to deliveries. A way to do then is to go to Pecan, South of the island, or you can tap on the pitch icon at the amphetamine right side of your screen. You can promptly hit the air button so long as you have the needed materials for the request. note that on crown of amber coins to be earned, you will besides earn affinity points to boost your friendship with the islands many residents .
There is a especial delivery request marked by a crown that typically has more resources requested. These requests, however, offer more gold coins and besides earn you pearls, which are the premium currentness in Tour of Neverland. You can entirely tend to these types of request 10 times a day, indicating just how extra they are. If you can, try your best to tend to these requests therefore you can earn more gold coins, pearls, and even tickets that can be used to purchase furniture from Otis ’ shop class .
Remember that every delivery you successfully complete earns you points that unlock assorted rewards at the top of the manner of speaking window. For casual gamers, it is an skill already to make enough deliveries to earn all of those rewards but nothing will prevent you from continuing on making deliveries even after netting the top rewards .

4. Raise Affinity With Your Animal Friends

Every delivery you successfully accomplish for your animal friends within the island earns you affinity points. As your affinity level with each one grows, they will reward you with valuable gifts. As such, in addition to granting their request, try to give them gifts occasionally arsenic well. While deliveries earn 10 affinity points per completion, gifts provide 5 points .
how to improve affinity in tour of neverland
Most gifts will not form part of your regular inventory and some will have to be made via the kitchen. so on top of food you need to craft to give yourself some extra department of energy when needed, visit the kitchen a well to craft food as gifts to your friends in the island. At the kitchen window, you can actually see the food types that can serve as gifts to every animal friend you have made. If some animal ally ’ s icon does not show up, it just means you need to raise your affinity charge with them through deliveries .

5. Accomplish Daily Tasks And Achievements

Tour of Neverland is the kind of adventure that leaves you with something for every bit of natural process you engage in. Truthfully adequate, the volume of contented the island grow has will barely leave you with any idle meter or make it indeed that you can no longer play even if you distillery want to. Although there is an energy system that makes it look like your actions are delimited, you will always have enough of food in your bag to replenish your energy and keep on venture .
daily tasks in tour of neverland

Beyond the outright harvests you make and the multitude of rewards you earn from completing quests and deliveries, more can still be obtained via the day by day tasks that you can easily accomplish. The daily job picture is the first one on the tilt of icons at the clear of your screen. In effect, it is situated as such because it is something you should look into from time to time, specially as a founder .
daily tasks are well within the line of activities you should engage in on a regular basis and each tax you accomplish earns you experience points to level up your report angstrom well as some other rewards. note as well that points you earn fro completing an objective will net you even more rewards at the top of the page. It is actually great that you do not necessarily have to accomplish each task to obtain all the rewards. Just the same, though, exerting a morsel more feat to accomplishing each one will net you more EXP .
tour of neverland achievements
Achievements, on the other pass, take a bunch more time and campaign to accomplish. Achievements serve as milestones you make across every aspect of your venture in Tour of Neverland and the game ’ s accomplishment system makes it so that accomplishing one feat will unlock a higher tied one for you to strive to accomplish. Every job laid out under the accomplishment pill will earn you pearls so constantly keep an eye on the list and focus more on the ones you are close to achieving .

6. Constantly Strive To Improve Your Island’s Rating

As you accomplish quests and unlock more structures and areas within your island grow, it can become a challenge to tend to everything on circus tent of plant, harvest, tending to livestock, and completing deliveries. There are numerous other activities that we can not delve into but the theme is that as you level up and purchase more areas and rebuild more facilities, it can all become a moment overpower in terms of prioritizing progress .
how to improve island's rating in tour of neverland
There is actually a have in Tour of Neverland that can help you set your priorities with esteem to the overall development of your island farm. Your island actually has its own horizontal surface much like you do and it is determined by your island rat. You can easily view your island fink by tapping on it underneath your score level. You can increase your island fink based on your sum earnings, increasing the size of your environment, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as accomplishing certain feats ampere well .
Increasing your island rate earns you some rewards a well as gives you added perks like increased day by day rewards. once you have statisfied day by day quests and manner of speaking quotas, be indisputable to take a glance at what you need to accomplish to boost your island rat .

7. Add Friends And Visit The Airship

While Tour of Neverland can be very enjoyable to spend fourth dimension on all on your own, it actually has a distribute of multiplayer options that can make you adventure even more excite. If you want to have a more sensational experience as you immerse yourself in Tour of Neverland, be sure to add as many friends as you can. You can well max out your friends list of 50 and if you have the excess clock, be able to visit their islands. There international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate much you can do, though, except give it a enlistment. For one, you may get some ideas on how to give your island a better spirit in terms of layout and design. You can visit their cabins as well .
how to add friends in tour of neverland
Another place you should occasionally look into is the airship. The airship in Tour of Neverland serves as a hub where players can meet one another. You can besides purchase some items that other players put for sale and can be a critical expression of the game if you are in desperate indigence of something that can not be easily obtained elsewhere. Likewise, some items you have but do not necessarily need may prove utilitarian for other players and you can put them up for sale adenine well .
Be surely to revisit every once in a while to claim proceeds of your sale as well. There are besides slot machines inside the airship where you can gamble your “ supernumerary ” gold coins for a chance to win more of it or even some pearls. We are not in truth much into it as we are still at the stage where we need more gold coins for diverse upgrades but if you are feeling golden, then give it a try or two .

8. Engage In Mining, Fishing, And Snorkeling

As we mentioned earlier, Tour of Neverland is not entirely about farming as the bet on ’ s initial set of activities may impress. There are tons of other activities to revel in and mining, fish, and snorkeling are merely some of it. Each one offers a wide variety of materials to discover, collect, or sell, and the activities themselves are actually fun to do .
mining is possibly the simplest and works very much like breaking rocks inside your farm with your pick. Each placement can be mined 10 times and the fun partially is the randomness of the ores you can find. There is an choice to spend pearls on a dynamite to reap more ores but for us, it is best to save pearls for more significant purchases .
mining, fishing and snorkeling in tour of neverland
fish is among the first adulterous activities you get to try out after a act of farming on the island. It actually does not offer a lot challenge and can be a fun activeness to spend some dead time on. pisces that can be caught have different grades or rarity, and depending on the tease you use, the chances of catching higher rarity breeds can increase .
The mechanics are pretty simple, one a fish bites, you entirely need to wait for the moving indicator to center in on the prevention to tap. You will have to wait 3 passes and tap precisely to catch the fish. The movement of the indicator is boring and the room for error is pretty wide so evening if you are a total founder, it will still be easy to catch with every try .
At some bespeak, you will be able to venture far off the beach sands and into the water. It is actually a surprise for you to be able to swim in Tour of Neverland as you would normally be thinking of being locked within the island except from when you visit another person ’ s island home. As you swim in the ocean, pay close up attention to bubbles that appear in random areas .
If you get close to these bubbles, there will be an indicator to grab an object and in some cases, will have you dive a little to obtain the token. Corals and early marine life can be obtained from snorkeling and the mechanics work very much like fish .

9. Clean Up And Explore The Island

As you expand your horizons and unlock more land for you to work on, there will be bushes, trunks, and rocks that you will need to clean up before you can place new structures and equipment. Each action you do here works much like anywhere else and consumes energy but for the most character, these objects do not grow back up out of nowhere once you have cleared them .
how to explore the island in tour of neverland
The beaches, on the other pass are home to some objects that regenerate interminably over time. It is actually a estimable thing since you always get something out of using your ax and pick. On top of rocks and wood, you can collect shells, coconuts, and crab louse from the beach sol be surely to spend some time and explore your very own island. It is good understood that there are a overplus of activities within the farm itself in that it hardly leaves you any idle fourth dimension for exploration, but touring the island casually and picking up stuff along the way is actually refresh and relaxing.

There are so many features in Tour of Neverland we have yet to uncover ourselves but we are certain that the tips and strategies we shared with you are sufficient to keep yourself and your island farm at flower operation. Tour of Neverland is alike raw and is expected to have more content coming in the future .
For now, this is where we end our Tour of Neverland founder ’ sulfur guide and we hope that the tips and strategies we shared with you will help you progress much faster in the game. Despite an energy system, there is hardly anything that bars you from spending a much time on your virtual island farm. If you have spent a distribute of clock on the game and have stumbled upon some neat tricks or strategies you are inclined to sharing, we welcome you to do so by writing to us through the gloss incision !

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