Boruto: 10 Characters Who’ve Barely Changed Since Naruto

While many characters in Naruto have grown and changed throughout the series, respective have scantily changed at all. Naruto, the japanese manga, has produced a franchise that is over 20 years erstwhile. Throughout the years, fans have been introduced to many beloved characters. From Naruto and Shippuden to Boruto, viewers have watched their front-runner characters grow as they ‘ve faced the hardships of live in the shinobi world .
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The shinobi world can sometimes be a harsh place to live, but one that sets each character down a path to discover who they are and who they want to be. While many characters in Naruto have grown and changed throughout the series, respective have scantily changed at all.

10 Might Guy Still Can’t Remember That Person’s Name

Might Guy smiles, winks, and makes the thumbs up sign
Might Guy is a shinobi and taijutsu master of the Hidden Leaf Village. Following in the footsteps of his forefather, Might Guy trains and pushes himself to develop his stamen to be a herculean taijutsu user .
Opponents who face Might Guy in legal action are equally print with his skills. however, evening if he has faced them before, Might Guy never remembers who he fights. This has been a long-running antic for his quality and something that continues in Boruto .

9 Suigetsu Is Still Annoying Karin

Suigetsu Recruiting Karin With Sasuke
Suigetsu is a shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village who was trained to be one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. He has a fascination with swords and a preference for killing. For the most part, Suigetsu is inert to most things, but he has been known to have a spot of a temper .
One of his front-runner things to do is annoy Karin and make fun of her for her squash on Sasuke. even in Boruto, the playful active between Suigetsu and Karin continues. Suigetsu, even though he works for Orochimaru immediately, is still a very skilled ninja .

8 Temari Still Speaks Her Mind

Temari is a kunoichi from Sunagakure. In Naruto, Temari was not afraid to speak her heed and could be quite dismissive at times. however, Temari does possess more admirable traits, such as her deep love for her siblings and her desire for peace .
In Boruto, Temari is Shikamaru ‘s wife and Shikadai ‘s mother. She is rigorous with her class and still gets flustered by Shikamaru. She is american samoa unafraid as always and is volition to put her life on the line for her family and comrades, such as when she fought in Fourth Great Shinobi War .

7 Sai Is Still Awkward With Others

Sail looks down, expressionless
Sai is a former extremity of the Anbu Black Ops. After joining team 7 as Sasuke ‘s substitute, it became clear that Sai did not very know how to interact with people. Despite his awkwardness, Sai is a very skilled and intelligent shinobi .
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In Boruto, Sai is the Director of the Anbu and uses his skills and news for investigating. He is married to Ino and they have a son, Inojin, together. Sai has come a retentive way since Naruto, but he is still ampere awkward as ever .

6 Kiba Still Thinks He Could Have Been Hokage

Akamaru licks Kiba's face
Kiba is a member of the Inuzuka Clan who works close with his ninken, Akamaru, as his fighting companion. Kiba late joins Team Kurenai with Hinata and Shino. Kiba is reasonably angry in nature and in his fight manner. He is well angered, which sometimes causes him to make mistakes .
Despite this, Kiba dream of becoming the Hokage. In Boruto, Kiba even mentions that he could have been the Hokage. He is besides hush barbarian, but loyal to his friends and will to jump in when needed .

5 Choji Is Still A Gentle Giant

Choji, as genin, smiles widely
Choji is a extremity of the Akimichi Clan, known for their ability to convert calories into chakra. As such, Choji is frequently seen eating. Despite his outward appearance, he is a very kind and gentle person but lacks confidence in himself .
It is discernible in his rear expressive style that Choji is placid a very civilized person. He however loves to eat and shares fourth dimension with his daughter over food. Choji is nowadays a more confident person, and he passes that confidence on to Chocho .

4 Konohamaru Is Inspired By Naruto

10 adult Konohamaru-Sarutobi
Konohamaru is the grandson of the Third Hokage, and uses this to be a small terror without reverence of repercussions. When he meets Naruto, however, his mentality on liveliness changes. Naruto becomes his role model and person he strives to emulate.

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Konohamaru looks to Naruto as an older brother and trains hard to be merely like him. His view of Naruto as family extends to Naruto ‘s son Boruto a well, whom Konohamaru views as his younger brother. much like Naruto, Konohamaru is besides a very skilled shinobi who never backs down to an opponent, even if they are stronger than he is .

3 Kakashi Still Reads Those Embarrassing Books

kakashi looking at viewer naruto
Kakashi is one of the most skilled shinobi in Konoha. Although once rather arrogant about his abilities, former in life it seems Kakashi becomes more humble. He appears about lazy at times, arriving late and showing small pastime in things, except his Icha Icha books .
Although reasonably of a lone person, he has a lifelong competition and friendship with Might Guy that continues through Boruto. He besides silent cares very profoundly for his former Team 7 members and evening though he claims to be retired, does n’t hesitate when called upon for help .

2 Sasuke Is As Sullen As Ever

Sasuke has always had a rather serious demeanor. As the only surviving member of the Uchiha Clan in Konoha, Sasuke grew up alone with only one goal in mind : vengeance. Through his travel, he grows to become the second strongest shinobi of Konoha .
In Boruto, Sasuke is still quite a moody character, but now he uses his skills to support the Hokage. Akin to his time with Team 7, Sasuke and Naruto make a great team. Sasuke has a new goal of working with Naruto to protect the village .

1 Naruto Is Always Focused On His Dream

Naruto is one character who has never faltered throughout the franchise. At an early old age, although mischievous and reasonably cockamamie, Naruto decides he will become person the wholly village will acknowledge and works hard to achieve that dream .
Since becoming Hokage, not much has changed about Naruto. He ‘s still arsenic lighthearted as ever, but he takes his job of protecting the greenwich village very seriously. He is the hero of Konoha that everyone acknowledges, and ramen remains his primary beginning of nutriment .
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