Vegas Crime Simulator

Updated On November 20, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Publisher Naxeex
Genre Action
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 5.2.2
Size 97M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4

Another interpretation of GTA 5 called Vegas Crime Simulator was released from Naxeex Ltd. This promises to bring out speed, natural process, and crazy bombing equitable like the master for all kinds of smartphones .

Introduce about Vegas Crime Simulator

A gangster confrontation full of contrasts !

It ’ s about impossible for who plays carry through games without knowing the repository GTA 5. however, not everyone has a adept smartphone to download and play smoothly this legendary heavy game. While waiting for the glory days to have a ace call and pill that meets all the requirements, why don ’ metric ton we try a similar game called Vegas Crime Simulator ?

Maintain the core spirit

Vegas Crime Simulator takes you into the glittering city, Vegas. This space is celebrated for many types of entertainment, particularly a series of the largest casinos in the earth. That ’ second why when we talk about orgies, there is no need to discuss anymore. You are a ill-famed gangster in this universe. Vegas is your “ home ”. In this identify, you are not afraid of anyone and freely do any you like. It ’ second approve to mess up with others ’ tempo .Vegas Crime Simulator for Android Vegas Crime Simulator is still loyal to the criterion “ I have to be the craziest. ” Normal things that you never dare to do in real life now can be played in this game. It ’ s rare to find a plot that lets you destroy everything and complete the character of this brainsick villain. The open earth of Vegas is a place for you to go everywhere to explore, quarrel, joke with anyone on the street, rob any car you like, challenge everyone patrol force and become a street deity whose appoint everyone trembles. With that undying emotional state, the ferocity in this game is natural. Remember to censor before letting your kids play. For the players themselves, it is besides necessity to constantly be wake up. Don ’ thyroxine you dare follow to put your head in the noose. Unlike GTA 5, in Vegas Crime Simulator, there is no hanker plot full of worries, nor excessively agitate missions such as robbing banks, burning houses, taking hostages and so on… alternatively, your character can kill people on the street, execute all the policemen who want to round up, use all weapons to purge other gangsters, bargain cars, drive at big accelerate, or destroy crush anything that gets in the way. In general, the floor of duty and pain of the actions you can do here is not equally awful as the game inspired, but the destructiveness and rabies are undeniable.


Controlling the villain in Vegas Crime Simulator is besides quite dim-witted. A minor map in the upper left corner of the screen will help you keep track of your current location in the city. Below the filmdom are the keys to control the steering and the compass of weapons the character has. The crippled has a wide third angle, you can zoom in to observe all the developments around .Vegas Crime Simulator MOD by APKMODY This Vegas gangster is besides equipped with a lot of great weapons and equipment such as pistols, rifles, car guns, frost bullets, bombs… Make surely who the target is to purge precisely. In accession, the department of transportation separate for the gangster is besides the flim-flam of the game, creating countless amphetamine phases. Any car on the road, no count who the owner is, from the moment it catches your eye, it ’ second obviously yours. You can take anything from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, racing cars to speciate items such as tanks, fighters, helicopters…

Graphics and sound

Don ’ t compare Vegas Crime Simulator with GTA 5 personal computer version. When comparing it with 3D natural process games presently available on mobile, it will be easy to recognize Vegas Crime Simulator in the top row. sharp images, naturalistic simulation action scenes, the impression of collapsing before the crazy shoot of NPC characters besides appear convincingly. punch, kick back, fly, dodge bullets or firearms without losing any real legal action footage. This game will decidedly make you feel like on swarm nine .

Emphasis on pure entertainment

GTA 5 will make players remember the good plot, problems between one fictional character and another, and the turns or choices of each person in the group. But no one can forget the hours of extremely entertaining in the cutthroat grease-gun battles on the road. besides, no matchless can ignore the beautiful speed racing scenes, roaming all over the place. At this partially, Vegas Crime Simulator has done a particularly decent job as a compress copy. Whenever you do something crazy, break the law, damage city dwellers, or purge the hell in this Vegas city, you will “ get ” increased crime levels ( number of stars in the game ). And of path, the more stars you have, the more celebrated you become with the police, the army and the country. slowly you will see when the stars reach a certain flat, what you confront is no longer some half-season gangsters or police cars honking their horns for money. It ’ s the army armed with heavy weapons that constantly chases you to the end, and then fights with transforming robots, spaceships and so on… Your “ romany work ” has passed out of the city limits, shocking both the government and the country ’ randomness leaders.

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Upgrade weapons, items for the character

Through the bombardment screen door, messing with Vegas, you not only increase the “ rogue ” pace but besides have a lot of money to buy yourself heavy weapons to fight with the other side ’ randomness heavyweights. You can besides upgrade yourself to increase skills, develop endurance, persuasiveness, accuracy when shoot, driving skills and buy a assortment of other support equipment .Vegas Crime Simulator APK download The game ’ south shop besides has “ dreamlike ” things for a “ ace gangster ” such as : a charming rope that helps you move like a superhero, wings that give you the ability to fly in the sky and land anywhere, the Super kick ability to hit multiple enemies with maximum damage, or the Wall Climb ability to promptly climb steep walls, buildings sky high gear. The action of upgrade, customize, buying things for this high-level gangster is rightfully the pleasure of life .

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